About Me and my Blog

I am Krishna Kanth, a unique guy. I'm a student of Masters in Computer Applications in NIT Kurukshetra, one of the premier technical institutes in the country. I feel blessed to be here. I've got an all new way of life here.

And, about my Blog.. Well, I love writing and I put in words all  memorable moments and events of my Life, so one day when I was just having an interesting discussion with a friend about something, I thought of putting it in words like I always do, but I waited and thought back for a minute on doing something different from just writing it down, then the idea of starting my first official Blog hit my mind and thankfully it has on this present day developed to this big extent and is shaping my life.

Thanks a lottt to all those who read my blogs regularly and comment them. You don't have any idea what your comments mean to Me... ThankYou so much, and please continue your support for my this writing interest forever. Love You all :)