Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pan-India’s Chai servers

I’m a student of NIT Kurukshetra, one of the best technical institutes in the Nation. I daily stroll around my campus with friends and have some chai or paranthas or stuff like that. They’re available outside my campus in the place called NIT KhoKha, they taste very good, but there is one thing that I very badly hate about them all - it is those who are serving them, they’re kids, very little young kinds of this country, with the brightest yet to come futures. They are all out of their schools, with no education, just spending their childhood serving chai to some of the most intelligent students in the country. 

I once asked a 10 year old child working in a nearby tea stall, which class was he studying in, he replied me with an odd look on his face saying, “What school? I’ve never been to a school? I just work here day-in and day-out, serving chai to you people.” I then asked myself, what is gonna happen to the innumerable kids of this kind, or worse, to the country’s whole next generation, indeed. 

We Indians hold a key characteristic in almost all of us, we compromise very easily with things on what they seem to look like, we never try to look beyond what our eyes can see. This is the main reason of why our motherland is still down in the dumps – we compromise on politics rooted up with corruption who publicly disagree to pass-on the bill that’s gonna do good to the country, we compromise on politicians who eat away the funds that are supposed to conduct a world class games festival with, we compromise on the country’s working system which goes on establishing Government subsidized schools but forget to recruit teachers into them, and a hell lot more. And we’re never worried about how hard these all are gonna hit back on the next generation of the country, our kids’ generation, our grand children’s generation, they’re all gonna suffer in ways unthinkable by us.
We keep appreciating our younger generation saying that they’re being very intelligent – when they learnt operating cell phones just at the age of 8 or 9, when they expertise in playing computer games just at  12 or 13, when they score 99% in board exams when they are 15 years old. For that matter, that ‘Younger Generation’ also includes the lives and future of the kids who - serve chai, work in homes, clean vehicles, roam around begging for bucks and even those who pick-pocket, yes, these kid’s are also important to the country. They too can be intelligent just like our younger brothers or sisters, if given a chance, but that is what they lack, one fine chance of development.

The younger generation that we just discussed about, who do the  hi-fi stuff with cell phones , online games and all are being that intellectual and active because they are having a very fair chance of exposure into the present and ever-changing world, it is because they all have Education, the most primary thing needed for any young kid of this country. 
Yes, education is the precious and the worthiest thing in this present times than ever in the history of the country.
Big heads of India keep bashing that the level of students entering IITs is deplementing, and some country-critics always ask why from India, despite it being Technologically one of best in the world, there is not one world class miracle like Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, or Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Inc., or the recent revolution Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook or so many others?
This question should not be asked out to the country, rather it should be asked to ourselves. Of the present Indian population, 65% of the whole are youth, the young ones, who possess the capacity to make or break the country’s future, but how can the country’s brightest future be made when it’s young generation is washing the utensils instead of being educated in the schools. 

I say they’re hidden, the people whom we want from India for it’s future are hidden among these chai servers. Indian Bill Gates, Indian Steve Jobs, Indian Larry Page and Sergy Brin, Indian Mark Zuckerberg, everyone is present also among our Indian Younger Generation, but they’re being lost in the dogma of their situations of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and above all, they’re lost in finding their living, day by day, until their death, and with their death, the generation ends.
This is not changing in the country, and until this changes, no matter - How many nuclear deals the government makes with aborad, How many world class game fairs India organizes, How many cricket world cups India wins, How many politicical parties emerge, nothing is gonna save the doomsday of our mother land, and now, this doomday is not an imported one, it’s very desi, Made in India, it’s our own hand made fate.
We can’t do this to our country. We have to change it, it’s our responsibility as citizens of this country. We have to dedicate some part of our life to change something in this country, even if it means helping a young kid realize how important education is for his life. People should openly dedicate some of their time to develop education among young kid’s, the work being done by the organizations like ‘TeachforIndia.org’ is a very good initiative. Things like that should be encouraged.

This all have to be done, because the dreams of the needy young kids on streets are as much important as yours are for you, and this set of dreams as a whole result in the development of the country. 
So, let’s not be trapped in the illusion displayed by our characteristic of ‘Compromising’. Lets’s open our eyes of conscience and look into the future, and imagine how it feels to have a bright future, with well educated younger generations and intellectual people, who work for the greatness of the country and it’s endless prosperity.
Good Luck, my Holy Mother Land, India.

Written by:
Krishna Kanth
(an N.I.T.ian)