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The Lovely Blood - Part 2 [Please read the blog "The Lovely Blood" before you continue with this one]

Mythya, as usually came to her office to work on the next day of Amar’s murder. She powered-on her PC and opened that day’s news paper, Times Of India. It carried the report of the murder that she committed the previous day. It read:

Times Of India:

There has been a murder at 122City Park, House Number 24, Delhi. A man named Amar, in his mid twenties has been brutally stabbed into his heart and murdered. This seemed like a 4th murder in a series of such attacks, where prior to yesterday’s Amar’s  murder, three more young men of seemingly same age has also been murdered in the same way, by being stabbed into their hearts in their bed, each at a gap of 3 months time span. Delhi Police haven’t found any witnesses or clues yet, but are suspecting that these 4 murders might have been committed by a same person, due to the same kind of stab in heart, in all 4 cases. Police Department have shown an optimism when asked about finding out the murderer, they said, “We are intensly working with a keen concentration on this series of murders, we shall, in near future catch the murderer, and also find out the reason behind these murders.”

Mythya, completed reading the report, sat back relaxed in her chair. She thought, “These people always need reasons for everything. Reason. Yes, I have a reason for all those murders. A reason of belief and betrayal. I never thought I would become like this, but that reason had made me do such things, the reason behind it all - ,” she continued to retrospect into her past. 

Those were the days when Mythya’s mother Poorna was on her deathbed. Even then, the only thing bothering her is not her death but the future of her daughter. Poorna had been abandoned by the man whom she loved, the man who was the reason of Mythya’s birth, and so, Poorna became an unwed mother of Mythya. 

Poorna had faced lot of troubles to bring Mythya up in life. She, since the day Mythya was born, started hating men, as the man whom she loved had betrayed her, due to which Mythya never knew the fatherly love. Poorna always told Mythya not to believe in Men. She always cautioned her, “Never believe in a Man’s Love. It’s just the word ‘Lust’ wrongly spelt as ‘Love’. Always, beware of it’s spelling.” 

Today, when Poorna was inches away from death, she prayed to God only asking him to give her child the strength to lead her life alone, ability to differentiate between good and bad, as the world is not such a good place for an innocent girl like Mythya, with none left to care for her. Poorna, with the complete strength left in her body, moved upwards from the bed and looked into the eyes of Mythya with tears rolling down, “I am very sorry that I‘m leaving you in the middle of your life journey, from now on you have to carry on with it on your own. I again ask you not to repeat the mistake I did. Never believe in a Man’s Love, it’s just the word ‘Lust’ wrongly spelt.” And, Poorna fell back on bed - breathless, motionless and lifeless. 
Mythya, since that day, had tried to tackle with the world alone. She continued her studies in Government schools and colleges, staying in orphanages. She always kept her mother’s word about this world in her mind. But, when she came of age of becoming a woman, her mind insisted her on ruling out the last words of her mother telling her not to believe in love of a man. Yes, Mythya is now wanting a man’s support in her life, she wanted a person - whom she can share her happiness and sorrows with, who would care for her each moment of her life, who would take her as his most prized possession. Above all, Mythya was wanting a man who would Love her with his whole heart. 

Mythya exactly found one such guy, named Sanjay. Sanjay was her classmate, they both became good friends. Infact, Sanjay was the only guy whom Mythya was friends with. Until date she had never wanted a boy’s support in her life, but now, in this age, she felt difficulty in living that way, without a boy’s presence in life, forever. Sanjay was a very good guy and always cared for her, in the very same way that she always wanted a man to be. Mythya told him everything about her life and her mother’s words. He promised Mythya that he would always love her truly.
But, her heart questioned her back about her mother’s words. Mythya silenced her heart by saying, “Mom had been betrayed because she failed to find an honest man. But, I am understanding this world better than her. I determine myself to prove my mother’s words wrong.” 

Yes, Mythya since her childhood, has been very inquisitive, and really wanted to prove something wrong which is believed in the world as truth. She now wanted herself to prove that genuine love exists in this world, and she took pride in finding her answer in the form of Sanjay. She loved Sanjay a lot and Sanjay also loved back her purely. She explored some of the unseen enjoyments of human life with Sanjay. They both had a very lovely relationship with eachother, and Mythya was very happy for she proved that true love exists in this world.
But, there came one day in Mythya’s life, which changed it all. 

It was Sanjay’s birthday. He said he would announce their wish of getting married, infront of all in the party. So, Mythya was elated with joy that she is now going to live with the person who loved her truly. She visited the party with lot of hope. But, there at the party, Sanjay announced his marriage with another rich girl. Mythya was heart broken realizing the true nature of a loving man. Suddenly her mother’s words telling her not to believe a Man’s love arose in her mind.
 She failed. She failed in proving her mother’s words wrong. She could not hold the defeat. She confronted Sanjay infront of all.

“You cheated me, you promised that we both would get married, and now you’re forbidding me. Sanjay, we always loved each other truly. Why are you doing this?” Mythya asked in rage.
“Shut up Mythya, You are just a nasty orphan. You are brought up on streets, no one knows if you’ve roamed around with many guys all along your life. And now you want a decent family guy like me to love you and marry you? You are cheating me now by saying that we loved eachother. You’re a  good-for-nothing daughter of an unwed abandoned mother, you are such a disgusting thing in this world, and you are talking about Love. Huh, what a fate for love!” said Sanjay.
Tears started rolling down Mythya’s eyes.

Sanjay spoke again, “Stop pretending love with your fake tears. No one will ever love you Mythya. You are a street rat, no man would prefer a girl like you. You’re such a disgrace for any man. If by mistake, any man ever loves you, huh, that would be the last thing of his life, nothing can get more worse. Any man who loves you is nothing less than dead.” Saying this Sanjay and everyone present there laughed at Mythya.

Due to this incident, Mythya’s heart broke forever, “I failed. I believed in human love and it has costed me severely. Sorry mother, I couldn’t live up to your words. You’ve always told me not to believe in Man’s love, but I still did and I now got my answer at a very high price. My love has been disgraced, spoilt by the very same person I loved.”
Mythya couldn’t hold her defeat – defeat by her own conscience, her own love, her own faith. She spoke to her heart, “No, I can’t accept this. I won’t. I still believe that true love exists in this world. I won’t let the people like Sanjay take away my belief. I will show my mother that a woman can be truly loved by a man. I will show Sanjay that I can be truly loved by a man. And, I will prove this several times.”

“ I will find those men - who will truly love me, who would want nothing more in their lives than my love.”

Mythya bursted the outrage of defeat out of her mind by loudly howling, “Sanjay, remember this, I will show you those people who will love me as their most precious gift in their lives. I will prove it to you, not just with their words, but with their Blood. Their blood will be become the proof of their Love for me. Only their Blood filled with love for me will speak.” 
After some days, Sanjay was dead of a violent stab in his heart, by a knife.
And since then, Mythya always had only one thing in her mind - finding those people who would truly love her. And, when she found such men, she extracted her answer to Sanjay’s soul in the form of their Blood. 

She had already answered Sanjay’s soul four times, and the recent one was Amar.
“Hello, beautiful girl. My name is Vinod. Today is my first day in this office. We’re colleagues from now on. By the way, what’s your good name please?” asked a newly joined employee in the office where Mythya works.

“Hello, my name is Mythya. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh! Mythya, very nice name. Would you like to have a Coffee ?”

I would like to have blood, the Lovely Blood, Mythya  thought to herself in her mind, and smiled back to Vinod. 

Vinod felt very happy by her smile, and they both left the office to have a some good time.

Written By :
Krishna Kanth

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lovely Blood

Mythya was working in her office just like any other day, she was a software consultant. She was a common working class woman of mid twenties, with thoughts and needs like any woman of that age - to earn a living, to enjoy life, and also to find her love. Her life is being good these days as she had found her love, Amar. Mythya and Amar met eachother at an office conference 3 months ago and got interested in eachother’s ways of life. And, the language of their hearts matched.
Mythya picked her office phone and dialed the number of Amar, asking him to come to her office after he is done with his work at his office, just to go shopping. Their lives have been very blissful and both of them were really happy to have eachother in their lives, and now are looking forward for wedding. Amar reached her office after her working hours, and it was a weekend. So, they both have left for shopping. They’ve shopped some home furniture, and some household stuff for Mythya, they had enjoyed eachother’s presense all along the evening, and had a good dinner at a restaurant. And, they started off to their respective homes.
Amar drove Mythya to her home, where she stays alone. And they happily wished eachother their good-byes and good-nights. Amar left to his home where he stays alone too, as his parents live in their hometown somewhere down the country. He changed into night clothes, played some music at loud volume, and checked out  his Facebook updates and posted his status about his happy evening with Mythya. It was almost past 1AM in the mid-night. He felt tired and laid on his bed to go into deep sleep. He was just getting into a deeper peaceful sleep, minute by minute. The room was completely dark…. Then, the entrance door of his home clicked open, and a dark figure moved in. The figure came straight into the room in which Amar was sleeping. It stood there, put it’s one of the hands into it’s inner jacket, and pulled out a large metal knife. It moved forward and mounted on the bed and sat at the mid portion of Amar’s body. Slowly, Amar was feeling the sudden increase in weight on his body and was trying to open his eyes, but everything was dark. Amar, caught hold of a torch light beside his pillow and clicked it on and felt a sudden horror by looking at the dark figure with a knife in hand, sitting on him, for an instance he thought he was in a dream, and slowly came to consciousness, and was terrified.
The dark figure pointed the knife straight to Amar’s heart and started to speak, the voice was very cold, very strange, very terrifying, “This will be the last moment of your life, if you would be given a chance to live for something, what would that be?” Amar was loosing his mind, many reflexes worked at once in his mind to answer this simple but tricky question, but one thing influenced all other reflexes, Amar then decieded his most precious reason to live for, and started to speak, “I want to live for Mythya, my love, if there will ever be any reason for me either to die or to live, it will only be Mythya.” These words flowed into the ears of the dark figure, and the rage in it’s nerves suddenly boosted up hearing Amar’s reason to live.” The dark figure raised the knife with its both hands and landed it deeply, with full strength of its body, straight into Amar’s heart.  There was a violent outflow of blood from the heart of Amar, blood filled with an unending love for Mythya.
The dark figure got down from the bed, and switched on the lights in the room. It looked around and moved to a corner of the room where there was a big mirror situated. It removed its dark black covering from its head, and looked proudly at its face in the mirror. “You are precious to the people who even on the verge of their death, would want to live for You, only for You, only for You, only for - ” reciting this on and on Mythya purged her violent rage from her heart and nerves. She was excited to the pinnacle point of her head.  She raised the knife to her mouth and tasted the blood, “Oh!The Lovely Blood. I love the way you taste.” And, laughed out of her mind, violently.

To be Continued….!

Written By:
Krishna Kanth