Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a short story: Oh! Wow, Is this real...!

Vivek is a good natured funny boy, of age 18, who has some simple wishes just like anyone of that age. He studies in some no-name college, doing his graduation. He is fed up with his college education, due to the very tough syllabus, and also equally ridiculous examination conduction, and their evaluation by the examination board. He thinks he is simply losing all his colour in life, after coming into graduation, as he never wanted to get into this kind of college. He always felt that he should have studied well in his previous year, so that, he could have got into a very good college for graduation, which he always dreamt of. No, he is not a user-non-friendly guy in the classroom, he of course had friends in his class, but when you don’t like the place you are in, you are most likely to think of getting out of it, with a very good option, ain’t it...!

The only thing that kept him going in this boring classroom life of his, is a girl, his classmate, Anjali. He had a different kind of feeling for her, which he never felt for any girl in his life. It is a very strange feeling for him, and also very much welcoming. He always loved it to stare at her in the classroom, whenever he felt that the purpose of the blackboard in the classroom is only to test how the piece of chalk is working, by the lecturer, which is a way of soothing himself by telling that, “classes aren’t so interesting, just like always, and looking at Anjali will help my mind work well, than being attentive towards the lecture”. So he followed his heart and rested his mind in peace of Anjali..

Anjali, like all the girls, who observes the smirking of boys, just like James Bond observes the catostorphical situations, is very much aware of Vivek’s sight falling on to her, many times in a while in the class room. As the time rolled on, Vivek also realised that she has become very much aware of him. So, he tried to get involved himself into a small chat with her, but invain. Anjali is a very different kind of a girl. Anjali also sometimes smirks at him, making Vivek nervous with excitement, but Vivek couldn’t get anything from it, as he didn’t understand what was that smirk really mean, whether that she too likes him, or is she just having a look at her buffoon in the classroom?

Vivek is not a dreamer too. He thinks that if he ends up here, doing his graduation, that is going to be a greatest mistake he’d have ever made in his life. So he decided to write the entrance exam for getting into a really good University campus, which is situated in the head quarter city of his district.
A really good thing, which is happening now, and is of no knowledge to Vivek is, the very same girl which he fancies in the classroom, is also equally fed up, with her this college life, just as much as him. So, she too thought of writing that exam for getting herself a seat at the University campus. So, both Vivek and Anjali, without knowing to one another, are seriously preparing for the exam. And the day had come, on which they had attempted their exam, but in different exam centres in the town, which means, they each other couldn’t know that they were both wanting to study at the same place.. Some days had passed on. And the day had arrived, which these both dreamt of having made it very big, the declaration of exam result. The result had arrived, and then the principal of the college entered into their classroom, holding a sheet of paper containing the names of candidates, who made it into the Univesity campus. “This is the list of candidates who got selected for pursuing their graduation from the University campus, and as the entrance examination of this year was one of the most toughest one in years, only two of our students had managed to make it big this year, they are none other than, your fellow friends and classmates Vivek and Anjali,”, announced the principal and congratulated both of them.

At this very moment, the heart of Vivek, felt a kind of happiness, which he earlier didn’t knew would exist. He is unable to analyse the precise reason for his happiness, whether it is because he made his dream come true by getting admission in the University or that the girl he fancied, for the first time in his life, is also going to be with him, for the next coming years of education. So, they both have to be friends now, and should share their unity, in a very new and good place, which assures her closeness and friendship, as they both will be from a very same earlier classroom.

Anjali, for the first time, felt good about Vivek, as the boy, who always likes to peek onto her in the classroom, is also equally intelligent, and made it into the University, which means she can count on him, to be of assurance for her, in the new place, coming. She came to Vivek in the evening, when the classes were done, and Vivek is very excited to have himself in the presence of Anjali, for the first time in his life, and felt far more happier, thinking that this is going to be continued for some next coming years, at the University.She came near him, ”Congratulations Vivek, i’m very happy that two students from same class room, have got admitted into the University, and the more happier thing is that those two students are you and i. I initially felt discouraged, that i will be in the amidst of strangers at the University, but i now feel relieved, that you are going to be with me, in a whole new place. And my parents will also be so happy that i’m having a friend at the University already”, said Anjali, and stretched her hand towards Vivek, as a gesture of congratulating and thanking him, and Vivek, who never imagined this would happen for him, is flying in the sky of colours, and for the very first time in the life, felt the touch of a girl, and that too, of the girl who he likes very much.

Vivek, was very happy today, as all his friends and family members congratulated him, for getting an admission in the University. He went to bed with satisfaction, and having imaginations for the next day. He fell quick asleep. His eyes were shut and he is into deepest world of dreams, where a colourful, inner personality of our heart lives its life, in its own way. But, Vivek is hearing a strange smooth sound in his world of dreams, which later on grew harder and hurting his ears. It’s the siren of his daily alarm of his mobile phone, and he woke up with a start. To his surprise, Vivek found himself sleeping amidst the assignment sheets, those which he had been working on, since days, preparing for a paper presentation, finding himself in a very real world, and his age was not 18, but 21 and studying not in some no-name graduation college but in N.I.T-Kurukshetra. And then did he realised what had actually happened, “Oh! This is really a dream! Wow, it felt so good, i wish i never woke up.”

This girl Anjali,really exists, just in his own class, she is his classmate, a very beautiful and charming girl of his class whom he had crush on, since the first day into NIT, but he couldn't get to have some real closeness with her.. So, his feelings for her, effected him like this...

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