Monday, July 4, 2011

Life and its uniqueness.....!!!

Life, a colourful void gifted to us, to be filled with what we choose. The characteristics that we possess results in a cumulative product of what we end up to be in our life. Many things that we all face in our real life actually tells us how unique we all are from one another. You may not be like me and I might not be like you.

This is called versatality and Uniqueness.

To understand the real meaning of uniqueness, we have to get to the bottom of our innerselves. We usually have friends whom we feel are just like us, but it is not actually true. Being alike is not just liking same colour or tapping the feet for same numbers, or having an interest for same genre of films or books, it's a lot more. So more that those alikenesses doesn't very usually exist, and here is where your uniqueness comes into the picture. Even after spending majority of your day's time with the outer world, with many people at your work place, your school or college or wherever, you will be wanting one thing in life while each of your mates will be wanting something else. This is true for most of us. You might be a banker who actually wanted to be a singer, your friend might be a software engineer whose life ambition is to top in Civil Services exam and become an I.A.S officer, hmm, to go a bit deep, the girl whom you are going to marry might have dreamt all along her life to become a great classical dancer. Everone is different in their own way of life. This is called Uniqueness, the way you want to be and the kind of happiness and satisfaction you wish to possess in life, these all things usually definitely varies from most of the people you meet in life.

There is another such uniqueness with which we are born. Ironically this uniqueness is not so unique, that is the social status to which we all are habituated, the rich and the not-so-rich. So many think and believe that not-so-rich is called being poor, but I don't refer it so, because being-poor brings up a negative picture while being not-so-rich doesn't. Yes, if you are not rich enough to feel so, don't get downhearted, you thankfully have a greater chance to become rich or atleast aspire to become so unlike those who are already rich and want to grow richer, they unfortunately looks like money minded persons, sorry about that.

For those who look with an awe at the people who party all their life, let me tell you one thing guys, partying all the days makes life boring, yes, too much entertainment creates a shallow lifestyle. At the initial stages of enjoyment, it feels very good and you will want it always, but as the days roll on with only entertainment and nothing else, your everyday becomes too much predictable and life becomes tedious with no surprises at all. Don't ever get into this.

Try to become rich enough to be very comfortable and spend a luxurious life but be yourself on a constant lookout that you won't grow too rich to be exiled yourself into a shallow life of nothingness, because that is where you loose the meaning of your LIFE.

Live WITH comfort but never live ONLY FOR comfort.

And the other stage where we can be unique is in having ambitions and dreams in life. It feels very good to have something ambitious to achieve. When you start working towards reaching that goal, your heart feels very happy and rejoices itself. This is a way that makes you feel more alive and a proof that you are not just existing but living the moments of your life.

So, let's all be uniquely good to one another and become rich enough to have a comfortable and balanced lifestyle and simultaneously aspire for greater dreams in life and work hard to make them true one day. These all sort of abstract feelings fill different colours in your life and that is what we call a Colourful Life. Isn't it !

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