Saturday, December 15, 2012

Apocalypse: An end of what?

Doomsday, this word sounds pretty negative; it paints the picture of an impending doom upon the whole mankind. Yet, I’m not surprised, because majority of the mankind always has a knack for envisaging what worst can come up for them.

But, I won’t see things as such. I have a pretty different perspective for myself on this so called special day for the entire mankind, the day of apocalypse, 21st Dec 2012.


Let’s all for a while take a deep look into it: ‘apokalypsis,’ a Greek word, which DOES NOT mean destruction, it actually means ‘unveiling’ or ‘revelation.’ It’s a cardinal point to be ingrained in all our minds. The so called doomsday aka ‘the day of apocalypse’ is actually going to be a ‘day of revelation,’ on which day the whole mankind is going to encounter an unveiling. 

Something big is coming our way to be revealed into all our lives that day, be it - a great power, a new sense, a special feeling or a new perspective for the human lives. Irrespective of what it is, it is going to set a new path for the whole mankind. 

But, before going any further we should all realize one fact, nature never wrote any redefining moments in the history of humanity, it has always been in the hands, or rather in the minds of human beings themselves. So, even this special day is not going to be any different, in fact it is going to be more so. Yes, the coming special day is not going to be the end of our days; rather it’s going to be a new beginning for all of us that will arouse something distinguishing in each one of us. And, this can happen only if we let it, which means each of us should realize for ourselves what it is that will truly redefine our lives and start working towards it.  

Yes, it is not going to be the death day of mankind, but only a new birthday, a real one at that. We will all be born again with a new soul; we will realize a new definition for our life’s purpose on this holy land in the universe. 

This is a chance that is being offered to us all to mark an end – of ignorance, of darkness, of what we are not as human beings. This is also a mark of milestone, a starting point for a new journey into the future of mankind, where we will live a real human life, by caring for what is priceless rather than for its price, by seeing the dawn rather than cry in darkness, by taking a leap forward into the infinite future of the wonders we are yet to see in our lives.

So, from 21st Dec, 2012, let us all start our new lives, the lives you’ve always awaited to live.

Happy New Birthday and Long Live, dear human race!

Written by: Krishna Kanth