Sunday, May 8, 2011

The moment my head touched the holiest water, the Ganga...!

Ganga river, famously known to the world as river Ganges, which was the birth place of many civilizations of India and most prominently the Indus valley civilization. This is not just a river, or some holy river, it is the place where every human should feel to reach as their destiny. It is one of the holiest places on the Earth.

I feel myself very lucky to take bath in the Ganga, and that too on the auspicious occasion of Pushkar which happens only once in 12 years. The sight of one of the purest creations of God, is a must have experience for everyone. My heart started dancing with joy, when it witnessed for the first time in my life, the quick downstream of Ganga. As I was stepping into the river, it seemed like ‘just one small step for my physical being but one gaint leap for my gifted life’.

One undergoes a strange feeling when taking a bath in this holy water. The water of Ganges is freezing at first, eventually when we get ourselves wholly immersed into the water, bottom up, until head, then at that moment, it happens, the thing that we are destined to experience in this human life, To purge the soul and heart off the sins that we have committed knowingly or unknowlingly in this life.

In the very instant, when our body and soul is completely inside Ganga, the sound of the chaotic world, external to our innerself is completely blocked by the holy water, and our eyes closed tight. The water is freezing cold and petrifies the body while the very same water of Ganga cleanses the heart and soul and make us pure from then on.

When our ears are closed we hear no noise but only a voice which comes from our very heart, that communicates with God, and realizes what is most loving and is our dream in life. It asks the God for strength to achieve the dream. Our eyes only see the image of God, who tells us that we are now purified off the sins and mistakes committed in our lives, and are being given another chance to redefine our life in order to carry out the purpose of this human life. This all just happens in a very short span of time. No wonder. If Google can search its entire database of world in just a micro second, then this redefining moment of our life can definitely happen in just less than a second of time inside that holiest water in the world, the Ganga.

Om Namah Shivaya :

Written on the occasion of visiting river Ganga @ Haridwar on May 8th,2011
Krishna Kanth.