Friday, January 6, 2012

Will Education and Economy endanger India’s Backbone???

Education, the sector that is fastly changing into new forms and raising to new heights in the present day scenario of our country. Some period ago, there used to be very less outlook for people into education and its premier institutes. But, it all changed now, everyone is aspiring that their next generations to go into studies and gain jobs, rather than getting their kids into their inherent family practices. This is emphatically a good sign for a country’s development, but at what cost?

Raising demand for education may go very far, and there might come a time in far future when we will have a whole generation comprising - engineers, doctors, software developers, sportsmen, military men, teachers, bank employees, pilots, charted accountants, businessmen, and a lot lot kinds more. This is good, but the point we’re missing here is this whole generation if comprises only them then what about the farmers, whom we consider as the makers of our country’s backbone, Agriculture.
This my presumption might seem too ridiculous to you. Let me make myself clear before I move forward, I’m not at all saying that education ought to be of limited provision, so that helpless kids can be thrown into agriculture to do farming, but just imagine, if education is being provided to each and every kid in the country, irrespective of their economic status, just like it should actually be provided, what might it result in. According to the thinking of present generation, a person who is well educated won’t go back into farming, leaving the jobs he can get with his educational qualification, and even his parents won’t like him to work in mud under the sun for the whole year, even after working so hard to study for so many years. Due to the fast-changing economic trends, and education being the only promising path that leads to an easy and luxurious life style, with jobs that produce money at the end of every month, unlike the seasonal agricultural incomes, which are usually going unseasonal these days, agriculture is being looked down upon. This is a bad sign for a country’s prosperous survival, and worse to a country like India whose backbone is itself the Agriculture.

India is a country that provides a very high rate of GDP through just Agriculture, but sadly it is changing now. The present day’s GDP share being contributed by the agriculture sector is deplementing. There are many reasons for it. Climatic change and raising inflation are the major causes, while there are other black-economic government practices which are causing more troublesome situations than the environment probably can. Yes, farmers are having tough times these days. Their work is being disregarded and they are facing lot of troubles to continue their farming. So, they are retrospecting themselves and wishing their kids to not have such a pathetic life style when they grow up, so they’re educating them and pushing them into corporate jobs than putting the wrenching farming into their hands.

If this situation continues, India will turn into a country which had lost its backbone and can’t stand by itself, and should import each and every food item from foreign markets, thus in one way making foreign economies our masters, yet again.

To come out of this problem, where education might totally endanger the agriculture, we need to open doors that had never been opened by the farmers of our previous generations. We have to use education to save the situation of the present day’s agriculture, and should implement new ideas into farming, both technologically and managerially.

Revolutionising entrepreneural thoughts and tactics should be put into agricultural sector, which will encourage educated people to take up farming, as the hierarichal practise of the country. Just like general stores being corporated and modernised and called as Super Markets, there should also be enough corporate involvement into agriculture and it should be ethical. Private companies should initiate farming. Corporate Farming should be upheld by corporate biggies like Reliance just like they’re now doing with a chain of Reliance products, and still better if numerous notable corporate companies come into this Corporate Collective Farming. This has more good to do to the new generations by raising curtains to the advent of new technological based farming companies that will be started by educated persons, taking it up as a National Entrepreneural venture.

This all can change the view of present generation and many yet to come, towards the Indian Agriculture. This all can be done when the whole thing is taken up as a service to the country, just like how soldiers secure the Indian borders who believe in it as serving the country rather than earning a living through it.

If it is a service restricting the illegal trespassers into the country, it is a bigger and more responsible service to provide a stronghold to the Indian Backbone, and letting the country stand by itself, rather than being a parasite in the field of Agriculture.

Written By:
Krishna Kanth [an NITian]