Friday, February 18, 2011

What if there is no NIT - Kurukshetra in my LIfe...!

July 12th, 2010. I still remember the first day i set my foot in this place, N.I.T – KURUKSHETRA, that was the moment i got a proof that i’ve achieved something great and remarkable in my Life, a proof for me and to all those who love me, my parents, my friends, relatives and well wishers of mine. Yes, this my achievement had changed away a lot in what happened later on in my Life. The way parents and friends treat me when i go to my Andhra Pradesh. They gave me more respect and much more importance to me and my word. This day, i’ve said to myself, “Yes, this is gonna be my home for these 3 years of MCA,” and it now is.

July 20th, 2010. First day into the classes. This is the day i met many of the new people, those who are going to be a part of my life for these 3 years in a row, and some of them for the rest of my life. These are the greatest gifts i’ve got in this NIT, friends, without whom there would be no fun, better said no life for a life. The things which we do in the hostels and the fun we have in the classrooms, all these are the best part of a student life. All my friends love me a lot, mainly my room mate Deepak Kumar, and lemme make a clear point, i can’t be bias in this aspect, because everyone from my whole batch showed me a very very friendly nature, and especially Ranjan, he always saye me “Hey Krish, i’m your fan,” and i love that, because i’ve never had any fans in my life, and so Ranjan is my first and first is always the best.

As everyone knew, i’m from South India, Andhra Pradesh and i can’t speak Hindi, but i feel pleased and honoured to say that none of my batchmates, and better say no one in this NIT, not even the security gaurds of library and the people those work in Book-Bank, and even the shopkeepers of Garg enterprise in NIT market and Ravinder bhai and Gopal bhai of NIT khokha, all these people, never gave me any sort of uncomfortable experience because i’m not from North India. They even tried to engage with me in English, i loved this the most. I was treated as a guest from South India, by all these people, mainly my friends, they share everything with me in two languages, they firstly say something funny among themselves and i don’t get to understand it, so they, without any mark of irritation, translate it into English and make it comfortable for me. They never alienated me from anything. And now they are even teaching me good Hindi, and mostly male-oriented Hindi, which means i better don’t use it infront of girls, yes i was told not to.

And like this, among all these sort of very good sweet memories in NIT, there came a sweetest day, which i never thought would exist, it is 25th Sept, 2010. Our MCA Fresher’s Day. This day was one of the very best days of my life, this day i’ve done things which i never had any idea of being myself capable of doing. Everything, about that day was a sweet memory, infact sweetest. I thank once again to those people who made that day a very very special day of my life, to seniors and all. And the disco we had on that day is mind blowing. Totally, the day was a rocking one.

And like that went on the first a happy ending.

Now comes the second semester, a semester which almost seems like ‘classes between holidays’ rather than ‘holidays between classes’. Three National range festivals, all comes with a week of holidays each, and we take the rest as mass-bunks. From the day one of the second sem, inductions and halchal among the students of the whole college. Literati 2011, was a very good technical fest, where i got a chance to meet some real talent in the students of the institute. This was very inspiring. And then came the original rocking event ever, another National level cultural festival, “ConFluencE 2011”. This was already being proven, as you peope had already witnessed the smashing events of the fest like Fash P and all. The fun we all had in the brand new ‘Open Air Theatre’ for battle of bands, and especially the Fashion Parade, where our dear classmate Namitha Sehgal had showed the whole insti a rocking performance from MCA along with the other students of our batch, Vipasha, Priya Lalwani, Sanga Mitra, and our senior Shreya ma’am. And a group dance from other girls of our class. Everyone of them had made this ConFluence’11 a very unforgettable experience for all of us.

All these memories of this NIT college life, right from the very first day July 12th 2010, through this day, is asking me a question, “What if i were not a student of NIT – Kurukshetra, MCA 10-13 batch?” I’ve a genuine answer for this, i consider myself as the most-unfortunate guy i’ve ever known. Yes, this is the place where you meet people, make them your friends, and build a long-lasting relation with them. This is a kind of place where you don’t get to be in, very often.

NIT, our college, is the place which gives us time and opportunity, a chance in life which we never had before, to grow up internally, as a person. It teaches us how to mingle with different people which we all will be facing in an year or two, when we enter into the real world out there, after getting a job in placements(let’s hope so, anyhow). There are people, who are my friends, those studying MCA from some local engineering colleges, who unfortunately don’t stand a chance as much as we do. They don’t get the enjoyment that we do here, through these Fests and all, and they don’t even have resources as we here do, the oppurtunities, the time, and the best thing that we have above them all is everything. Yes, literally everything. This is the place which offers us value to our lives. We all are experiencing it, if you don’t feel so, then call to your parents when you are in the middle of a ConFluEnce show or a guest lecture, or from CCN at midnight and tell them what chances you are given here to do, which you don’t get if you weren’t a part of this college, then see what your parents tell to your neighbours and relatives the next day, about how happy you are to have such a wonderful college life, with festivals, fashion parades, and the hostel life, where all your friends are just a doorstep away. Yes, all these are a mark of the achievement we accomplished and much more that is coming our way.
Guys, this is our time.

A special thanks to ConFluEnce.....!

Written by: -kRISHNA kANTH

As a sweet memory of CONFLUENCE 2011: