Friday, April 29, 2011

a Problem in Life is just a plain paper...!

Problem, the last thing that any humanbeing would want in life. It’s actually the innocence of not knowing what to treat as a problem and what not to, that makes all the difference in one’s life. For some people, sleeping one more hour, eating one more spoon, doing one more mistake is a problem, while for some others nothing is a problem. Everything is fun for some, and everything is problem for some. So, what is to be actually done to qualify something as a problem, a real problem, and dedicate our complete mind to worry about it?

While talking about problems in life, my mind redirects me to my childhood... I remember a situation I faced, which to my knowledge is the first ever Problem that I faced in my life.

Mr.Krishna Kanth, 10 years old, in navy blue short and white shirt, as school uniform. I have done my schoolings from St.Francis De Sales [S.F.S] school, in Tanuku, it’s a Christian missionary school. When I was in 5th standard, I had a Mickey Mouse capped wrist watch which my father bought for me. I loved the watch as it was very beautiful and playful with the cartoon look over. Also, many of my friends liked it. One of them, named Surendra, asked me to lend it to him for a day, during the school hours and I did, as he is one of my best friends. Any kid of 10 years age, having a cartoon item in his hand would obvisouly play with it in the classroom, so did Surendra. And then a very bad thing happened. While he was playing with my watch in the class, our school principal saw him, and punished him for playing in class and not being attentive towards lessons, and he also took away my watch from him. All the problem started now. My principal took away my watch to his office, and he told he won’t return it back. So, now what should I do? I can’t go to his office and request it, as he will ask me to bring my parents to him to talk about this, I surely am dead frightened about it. I thought, if my father comes to know about this, that’s it, I am done. I imagined that, both my parents will beat me down for being playful in the class, as both my parents are teachers, and a teacher might be very good at punishing students for discipline. So, now this situation is a PROBLEM of my life. I coudn’t eat, sleep and study properly. The only picture that was moving infront of my very mind was the Principal’s office desk which contained my watch on it. Now, what to tell to my parents, whom should I put the blame on? I somehow slept that night, and woke up the next day, and went back to school. My mind was buzzing with thoughts, and my heart was beating very fast as this is the first time in life experiencing a Problem. I went to my friend Surendra and asked him about what would happen. Then he gave me a very good news which I was praying for the whole night. He told me that the principal would return the watch if we assure him that we won’t repeat these kind of acts in the classroom. And the very moment, my mind and heart erupted with a joy I never knew before. “Wow..! My Problem is solved, now I can live my whole life happily ever after, I am getting my watch back from Principal,” these were the words my heart said to itself. Eventually i got my watch back and everything was set fine and happy.

This was my first experience of how a Problem would be like. Huh, remembering about it now, after 11 years of that very time, would only make me laugh at myself, how funny a 10 year old kid can think about problems. But, yes there are many more problems in life than your school principal taking away your wrist watch as a punishmint and asking to get your parents to reclaim it. A problem is nothing but a situation created with or without our consciousness, which later on tackles our mind to worry about it, making us to loose our concentration on other worldly things, until the situation is resolved. Sometimes, for some people, the intensity of the problems might be unfortunately very high, for which they consider the solution of killing themselves. No, that is not the right way. Please realize that.

Now, in my 16th year, when I was in my 11th class, one unfortunate day, I heard a very sad news that, my friend Surendra whom I mentioned above, has committed suicide, due to some depression in his life. I don’t know why, but he decieded to kill himself because of some problem which no one knows. He didn’t mention the problem to anyone, he only dealt with death. He unfortunately chose a very wrong companion to solve his problem. He was a Christian, and he always wanted to become a clergy man, Catholic church father. He was one of the very kind and lovable friends in my life, I never seen him angry while I was with him all along my schoolings. Since then he wanted to become a priest. I always thought and believed that he would one day become the Vatican City’s Pope for this world. But, when he opted the wrong solution at hand, the death, to solve his problem, irrespective of it was, this world had lost a best Pope and I had lost a best friend.

A plain sheet of paper in a notebook, on which you can write anything with your own hands, and the same is true for a Problem in life, as this gifted Life is nothing more than a notebook on which we can design our own future with aims, dreams, and destinations. And a Problem is just a blank page from that notebook, which can be anything that we want it to be. That book ought to be completed with a happy ending. We should try not to fail in this in our life.

Is there any such thing to be worried about in this human life? Do you people remember the the first problem in your life since childhood? I mean, since your childhood, what is the first situation that seemed as a problem in your life? If any such memories, plz do share it here in this blog post as your comments.

Wish you all a very merry & happy Life forever.

Thank You...!

Written by:
Krishna Kanth (an 'NIT'ian)