Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Colours of Life

As we all know, we have recently got into a new time of our lives in the form of a new year. I’m not going to talk about resolutions because living a happy life can’t be just a New Year resolution but an everyday requisite. Talking of everyday life, we need to agree that it’s not a standalone feature but a mixture of myriad feelings all together. Happiness, success, dreams, wishes, optimism, sorrows, sadness, failures, regrets, all make up to a day’s moments – in short, life is like a boat travel on a tide that falls and rises day by day. The sail you set out on those tides is what your life is all about. 

We have infinite people around us and their lives may vary widely from ours in many ways, we may be travelling in different boats but we should remember that we all travel on the same waters, called Life. Yes! Everybody possesses wishes for their life’s betterment and they eventually reach out for it, but only at varied times. Success is not like a beginning of a film to happen at the same time for everybody. It takes fortunate time for success to come to us..


Luck is an important factor to be agreed upon which has a major say in the life’s vital events. That can’t be argued about. But, what luck dislikes is to be doubted of its existence by its possessor. Luck works for us all the time in ways we don’t understand and in turn we often suspect it believing that it’s not there for us. Luck may sometimes run out of itself trying to put in more efforts to make way for you. Then, you need to only wait, because even luck needs some time to renew itself.

Another important thing that adds in the cardinality of color to our lives is the dreams we have for future and the way we groom them with an unflinching obsession, irrespective of the situations and failures at hand. We need to carry our own compasses of life inside our hearts to direct us towards our destinations without minding the success or failures of the others. Because, at one level in life we all become keenly individualistic no matter how many people you seem to have to back you. Your conscience knows this and to justify it is what takes your life’s right move.

Possess your own dreams and develop your loved skills and go out and create tomorrow’s history. The most important thing here is to be brave enough to stay yourself at all the times. Remember, if you see yourself in every mirror in the world and if each of them shows you differently, then you may never know the image of your true self; so don’t look into a mirror for your identity, instead look into your heart which holds your true envisage. We sing when no one listens, we dance when no one watches, then why can't we live our precious lives even when no one cares, and on our own terms? We can!

When we face problems at one time or the other, they put you from reaching your happiness. They even make you think that your good times have ended. But you’re wrong! Rivers flow further not to leave the present stance but only to become big and turn themselves into oceans. Life changes not to bring in more difficult times ahead but only to unveil itself to the fullest and show you its pleasant surprises. Oceans create continents and give a shape to the world and so does tough times to our lives. So, let's not see problems as the obstacle rocks in your pathway but as chisels that bring out the masterpiece in you.

The last and most important thing about your dream life is not expecting fake fortunes. Your happiness is true not only if your end result is well accepted but also if it makes you truly happy all along its way. We don’t live our lives just to reach the stars someday, but only to enjoy the travel up till those stars every day. And, never belittle your wishes because someday they might even change the world.

It’s time for us to get rid of the things that kept us tired all along. It’s time for us to stand up on the clouds of our dreams and witness a new Sunrise; to submerge into the deep seas of desires and swim through the treasures we await in our lives.

Above all, it is time today; it is time now, to live! All the best :)

Written by: Krishna Kanth