Thursday, December 1, 2011

Someone Somewhere gets Associated

When we undergo a situation of happiness, we just don’t take it all alone, except for some individual and very personnel situations. In rest of the times, we normally remember someone special when we go through a nice feeling, or yes even a tragic moment. I bet many of you had remembered your loved ones when Sharukh loves Kajol in DDLJ, you all have felt with your Dil how lovely such a feeling would be, to meet your heart’s heroine. You know what, your association of your ‘special someone’ to that situation is the main reason for that film’s such a historical success. And same rule applies for Titanic too, coz some (actually many) people, who never had a chance of having their loved ones in their life forever had associated the situation to their real lives.


Ok, apart from the cinematic view of it all, it is actually true for real life too.

Let us suppose that in life you want to be a great musician like A.R.Rahman or a revolutionary dancer like Micheal Jackson, I bet you will get a high-ness when you even think of these people. You will feel that you too are going to be like them someday. Here, you’re associating your aspirations to those people’s success, and imagining the same kind or even better success in your life. This makes you happy subconciously.

We want people to be like us. We very easily get comfortable with people who are having similar thoughts like us or even with similar problems like ours. It gives us a kind of strength which tells us ‘you are not alone’. We feel like associating with a celebrity who once had same problematic situations like you are now having, and came out of it with success, so here you imagine to become like him, and want to come out of your problems and get success, like he did.

On the contrary, imagine yourself being in a grave situation and have no one who had seen such situations before. Where would you go for help? From whom would you get inspiration to come out of it strong?

So, associating someone special to a situation gives you strength, which tells you that it is possible for you too, if it had been possible for someone else. And, this kind of strength is very important for life, because it shows you what you are capable of achieving in your life. It opens new doors for you to enter an unexplored path of life, and it assures you that the hurdles that you’re going to face on the journey along the path are passable.

So, seeing someone achieving their dreams in their life, and you associating yourself to them and aspiring to be like them will make you a golden road for your life, but you will need to do the work that they’ve done, or may be even better work.

Aspire to become like someone, but always try to achieve better than that someone.

Written by:
Krishna Kanth
(an NITian)