Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Epic Finale and a Good Bye

There are many people who would complain that I’m a guy who lives in fantasies, not perceiving the gravity of real events that occur in our lives. I now suspect it to be true, because I’ve never even imagined that I would be writing my last and final post in this ‘Sign The Life’ blog which I started in my NIT campus, meaning, my most precious campus days are finished and no more.

I wasn’t prepared for this. I hadn’t made up my mind to face the immediate stark reality that would host my life this moment on. I’m saying reality is the host from now on because earlier, while on the campus, things weren’t this way.

We were, in those times, like grown up kids; everyday used to be a wonderful exploration for us. I can never forget the first month of my NIT life when every single thing on every single day excited us all. Things started to take off between us and soon we’d made friendship which is going to last forever. We’d become a part of one another’s lives. We made unforgettable mischievous memories and we’re all going cherish them always.

On this campus, we’ve all learned to feel happiness in new ways and with new people; we’ve all celebrated the special days of our beloved friends in special ways; we’ve learned to smile at their happiness and cry with them at their sorrows; we’ve learned to extend our shoulder showing them they’re not alone and will never be; we’ve taught one another to live strong through the weak situations. This kind of events and incidents are the most precious assets for a human life, because they can neither be bought by money nor searched on Google. They’re all experiences that we’re downright lucky to have in our hearts and I’m sure they’re going to last there as long as we breathe.

But, there is an inevitable event in each of our lives and that is called change. Things change, for good or for bad, but they really do. And when it does, we should understand that the curtains of our dreams are being raised and we’ll soon be impacted by the rays of reality. As the days and semesters passed out very quickly, one after the other, these rays started to hit sharp in our hearts, and it hurt.

People who were joyful and crazy all the time had slowly stopped being that way once they started sitting for placements; People who were always stern at failures and obstacles have started to lose their nerve of hope as they were rejected at the reality interviews. We began losing our emotional posture as these rays pierced through our hearts. And, by the end of all this there happened far more depressing events - Girls who once lived on campus like real sisters stopped talking to each other anymore, and departed away from one another’s lives; Some brightest students of the batch got their careers ruined; Most enthusiastic job aspirants on campus were left labelled as under achievers by the company cut-offs; Some most intelligent students lost their first jobs and were left shattered.

One word for that all. Reality!

It took over everything that we built in our hearts all along this time; we were evacuated and slaved by it. But, there is one important thing - we’re all still alive. The reality had quaked our lives but it couldn’t touch the very foundations on which our souls stood. We are not defeated and will never be. We’ll return and fight back. We’ll wage an epic war against the merciless realism but we will never yield to it. Because we’re not rocks which once put down won’t ever move; We’re the Hearts that can quiver the World and we have one another as our strength, and that’s the biggest power ever existed, one another!

Friends, come, let us win back our wings from the reality to fly again in the everlasting Skies of our dreams and reach heavens with our lives.

I wish all my batchmates a very enriching and soulful journey ahead. I wish them all to live their dreams in real and show the world the fact that dreams of Heart are more powerful than any reality in any World! 

Thank you all, very much.

Written by: Krishna Kanth  (an NITian)

A Special Note to all my friends and readers: This is my last post that I'm writing in this Blog.  I started this 'Sign Your Life' blog when I entered NIT Kurukshetra, and it had taken me on great journeys in my literary life. And, now as my NIT life has ended, I  thought to down the curtains for this blog, forever. It'll will be online and always be available to all, though..

 I thank each and every reader who came here and took time from their lives to read the words I wrote here all these years. You all have truly made me what I'm today in my world of Words. 

Good Bye!