Friday, May 3, 2013

Sky Rubies..! - Vol I

The Breathe
  It comes in, giving you a life,
And goes out giving others a memory
The Breathe!

   Like a kite it came up into the sky,
Approaching my wings and stopping me from the fly,
To sight what it was I turned back,
And realized it was a beautiful Dream attack!

Map marked with Destinies
      By the road side everything lies
The trees and under them the people’s dried lives,
The ponds and flowing in them the befouled broken bonds,
The signboards and labeled on them the disagreed directions,
And, along it we travel, looking at a map marked with our destinations.

Tiny Drops
      Tiny drops of purity from the heaven
Befall upon our heads and hence the gifts are given
We open up those gifts and soak in them
Embracing the elixir that made us ransom.

A Bank
    A bank of memories
That gives the interest in happiness
Is the place where we better deposit our hearts
For our life is none at all but a transaction of feelings.

Written By: Krishna Kanth