Saturday, September 24, 2011

Change that occurs in people's lives between one Freshers day to another....!

                     Today, i.e., Sept 24th 2011, we have given Freshers Party to our juniors. It went very well... while witnessing the party, at some point of time, somewhere, my mind transported back to the previous year, when my seniors gave us the Freshers party.. That day was an awesome day in my life.. It has been one year since that day happened... One Year... I then wondered, how many things has possibly changed in this One year...!

                     The college and hostel, that had once been new unhabituated places, have now become our second homes. The people, who had been very new and shy to share much talk, have now become the best hang-out buddies, the situations that had once seemed strange, have now merged up with the regular way of life.. May be, this is what the college campuses do, change away the lives of its people, forever...!

                    It sometimes seem very funny and strange, when we think back that the friends which we all now have here, were once never there in our lives, and look at it now, you feel like never breaking your friendship, not even in your wildest imaginations. People changed in this one year, some have become very closer, while with others, the relation improved to a good extent...

A person whom you hated very badly at an instant in this one year, may now have been your best pal than anyone else, and the best thing that might have happened is, you're now liking the person for the very same reason why you hated him/her earlier, this is what you call 'change'.

The passion, crush, or like-ness that you once had on a special girl in your batch in this one year might have passed-on to another girl, indeed more specially. You might have remembered how your heart used to pound when your eyes met hers, and now wonder how in the hell did that feeling on that girl ended, and moved-on to another. It feels very strange looking at a girl and not getting the feeling that you once had for her in your heart. But, it's true, it happens, choices change.

The situations that you've experienced for the first time, might have now turned to be on regular intervals with your life, say like mid-sessionals, I bet that you never had the feeling for the any of the sessional exams in the very same way that you felt for the first one in your first year...! And, I can also bet that the first weekend that you spent in your hostel with your friends would never repeat again. And, the first cultural fest that you enjoyed on the campus, Confluence'11, will never come back to you, no matter how many Confluences you witness on campus... That's what First one means, it's always the best one...!

And, in this one year, you might have seen a big change in yourself - how good you've become towards others, how well you are intereacting with people than you once did, how new you are performing things, how you started taking your life, what new lessons you've learnt from the lives of your friends, and above all, how you initiated yourself to create an identity in your Life, how planned and determined you are to follow your passions and reach your dreams - that all have changed. Yes, they did.

Finally, what these all tell us is, Time changes everything, but the kind of change we want to bring up in life is entirely left to us... So, friends, let's work to make that
'Change' better...!  Thank You all very much...!

Written By :
Krishna Kanth (an NITian)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Leonardo Dicaprio and Mahesh Babu were sitting in adjacent arm chairs at a dining table in Hotel Spark in California.

“Leonardo, I am very happy to have dinner with you.” said Mahesh Babu.

“So am I. I’ve sensed you as a very different actor. The way you do your work is enchanting. I saw your performance in the movies ‘Athadu’ and ‘Pokiri’. I can bet that no one else would perform those roles better than you did and especially in ‘Athadu’ film, you’ve depicted yourself like a James Bond stuck with a criminal case on himself, that role of your’s is my all-time favourite. I too am very much happy that we both met here, and I would also like you to visit my home now.” said Leonardo.

“Sure. I will” said Mahesh finishing his dinner with Leonardo.

At Leonardo’s house, Mahesh and Leonardo entered the house, Mahesh was being escorted by Leonardo to go on a tour to his entire house. 
“Mahesh,  please rest here tonight. Your flight is in the morning, so you can start from here after the breakfast.” said Leonardo.

“Thank You so much Leo.”
“And wait, let me get you a good night drink. Just give me a minute.” said Leonardo and went downstairs into the Kitchen to prepare a drink.
He came back with a glass full of drink and handed it to Mahesh. Mahesh consumed it right away and thanked Leonardo for it. 
Five minutes after drinking the juice, Mahesh was sensing a strange feeling of drowsiness. He bade good night to Leonardo and laid on the bed.
Leonardo then immediately pulled out his mobile and dialed a person who was on the recent call list.
“It is time. He just had the drink and gone into deep unconscious sleep. He didn’t have a clue that he was sedated. Just as we planned,” said Leonardo in the mobile, “You can now come into this room with the equipment.”
Within a minute, a person in mid twenties entered the room.
“Good Evening Mr.Srinivas, everything until now is just as we wished it to be.” said Leonardo shaking hands with Srinivas, the person who entered the room with a suitecase in his hand.
“Leonardo, everything is fine until now, but what I feel pessimistic about is whether my this plan would succeed or not. Because it is said that Mahesh has already encountered with those words from his father. May be he couldn’t stand up to them even now.”
“No. Your fear is meaningless. The process of planting an idea in the subconscious mind is very much different from merely telling it in words to the person. In general, a person is unable to act upon his resolutions, it’s common, but when an idea is planted into the subconscious mind of a person, he feels that it is his duty to satisfy the idea. He don’t actually realise that the idea is planted by someone, and directly feels the motivation provided by the idea and gets influenced.” said Leonardo. “This process is called Inception. That is where my expertise lies in.”
“Ok. That is good. I will now get into the disguised form of Superstar Krishna, the father of Mahesh Babu to perform the task. I chose him because he is the only one in this world whom Mahesh would listen to,” said Srinivas.
“Yes, that is very good. As he is his father, it will be easy for us to make a projection of him in Mahesh’s subconscious. Just go in there and act like his father, like you’ve trained yourself these days. According to what I’ve seen, you’re really good at that,” said Leonardo.
Srinivas smiled confidently. Leonardo opened the suitecase and pulled out the electronic equipment needed for Inception process. He took out some wires and connected them to the nerves on Mahesh’s wrist, and plugged-in the other end of the wires into a round rolling device in the suitecase.
Now, all three of them, Mahesh, Leonardo and Srinivas were connected to a set of wires each and all the wires are connected to a hub, they both eagerly waiting to travel into the subconscious mind of Mahesh Babu to kick-start the main event of the plan.
And it then happened, Leonardo and Srinivas suddenly entered a place which they’ve never seen before.
 “This probably must have been a place where Mahesh and his father spent more time together, because this place has been present at several instances in his subconscious, I’ve seen it while travelling into his dream now, so I thought it would be wise to perform our action here,” said Leonardo to Srinivas.
Mahesh Babu is sitting in a green land covered with little lovely plants full of flowers, a place which is looking like some kind of park. He is looking far younger than he is on the present day.
Srinivas is able to see Mahesh sitting in the midst of little plants and flowers. He started walking towards the young Mahesh thinking what would Mahesh call him now.
“Hi Dad, I’ve been waiting for you here. I loved this place, a great green attraction is present here, I don’t want to leave this place. My mind is feeling very relaxed looking at this greenery and these lovely blossoming flowers,” young Mahesh rejoiced infront of Srinivas.

Mahesh can’t see the real image of Srinivas, because now this is all happening in Mahesh’s subcsious mind, and here Srinivas has took the disguised form to look like Mahesh’s father Krishna. He is just a projection from Mahesh’s subconscious, he is actually Srinivas, but Mahesh will not be able to see the real form of Srinivas as long as they live in this dream. In this dream, Srinivas is Krishna, Mahesh’s father.
“Mahesh, today I want to tell you some things, some very vital things that a father have to tell to his son, things that will show you how a celebrity film star’s life should be like. What YOUR life should be like,” said Krishna. “I am a star of Telugu film industry. Everyday, since the beginning days of my career, I’ve seen numerous kinds of people, I worked with many. I’ve learnt a lot of life lessons from all of them. Firstly, the stars of this industry should respect their work. We should be sincere at our duty. We should never behave as if we are Gods, we should always be down to earth, irrespective of what kind of successes we achieve in our lives. Because, these successes are given to us by the people. People are the sole reasons that we are now having a celebrity status. So, never forget to have utmost respect for people, the audience. And nextly, the Directors and Producers, they are the people who selects you for a film, which means they are putting their trust in you that you are the one who will be the best fit for a film’s role. These people are your creators, so never forget to remain indebted to the Directors and Producers,” Krishna continued.
“Your profession is your service to the people, so always do it with your whole heart. People are watching movies, which means they are giving us time and chance to be a part of their life’s some of the memorable fun moments, so it is our responsibility as a film star to provide complete satisfaction and happiness to them by doing an interesting work everytime,” said Krishna and Mahesh was listening to each word being spoken by his father with pinnacle concentration and interest.
Krishna continued, “And dedication towards the industry is another important issue that a film star should consider. I faithfully dedicated my entire career for the improvement of the industry. I’ve introduced first colour movie in the industry, first cinema scope movie, first 70mm movie, first DTS movie in the telugu film industry. And these things had brought in a better change in the industry as well as in the lives of many of its people.”
“Another most important thing that a film star should take importance in is showing his stand as continuously as possible on the silver screen. People when start loving a film star, they will always want to watch him making films very regularly, which means you should be doing films within very short time gaps. Irrespective of hits or flops, doing good and different films is a primary responsibility of a film star. In this aspect, I feel proud and take honour to say that I had been a very important such figure who made highest number of films in shortest span in the whole of the industry, I did 10 films in 1 year, in 1968. That had created good employment in the industry, and I truly feel blessed to have done this.”
“And, You as my successor in this film industry, have many great responsibilities on your shoulders. You will be the star whom many people will love, so you will have to pay back their love with your sincere service to the industry and the people.”
Krishna continued, “Make good films in short span. Never give long gaps between the films, people will feel very bad about this. Never test their patience. And do whole hearted service to all. Never do a film for its huge remuneration. In my times, I’ve even made films free of cost to some producers who had once given me life in this industry. Never forget the good done to you by others. Always be loyal to yourself and to others. Please try to select the films which are very different from each other and also of various kinds. Show versatility in everything you do. This is what people want and desrie from a film star, and it is our responsibity to meet their expectations in various things.”
“And finally, let me tell you this, I want you to be remembered by the people as one of the best film stars ever in the industry who always strived for its growth and improvement. Do your duty towards people and industry and that will define your life and people will bless you a long happy life forever, and that is what we will need at last. God bless you, my Boy,” said Krishna and kissed Mahesh on the forehead.
Mahesh said, “Father, after listening to this all, I feel very honoured to be your son, and a film star. I promise you and my heart that I will always strive to perform all my duties as a part of Telugu film industry for its improvement and to be always loved by the people. I will do my work sincerely, and will work hard to make more number of films within short time span. I will be up to your reputation and bring some more good name to you with my work. Thanks for saying these good things which will define my work. Thanks a lot dad, I love you,” and Mahesh hugged Krishna, with tears in his eyes.

Both Mahesh and Krishna fell on to the ground in that park, and suddenly Srinivas and Leonardo Dicaprio woke up back in the house of Leonardo.  Srinivas was very happy that the Inception plan has been performed so well. He is a great fan of Mahesh babu, and he told all the things that the fans and all the people desires from him. So, now the idea is planted in the subconscious of Mahesh Babu which would affect his thought process and will influence his working style eventually.
Leonardo removed the wires connected to all three of them, and packed up the equipment. He and Srinivas left the room. Srinivas thanked Leonardo for the Inception process and left his house. Leonardo felt tired and went to sleep.

Early in the next moring, Mahesh Babu woke up. He was sensing something different in himself. His heart felt light and his mind felt relaxed from all the burdens that were there the previous day. He checked the time , it was 8.00 A.M. He perceived new interest in his own work. Somehow he wanted to change away himself from then on, into a good way. He stood up and came downstairs to meet Leonardo.

Leonardo said with a smile, “ Oh! Mahesh, you woke up already. Good Morning. You look very relaxed and calm and you got a new glow in your face.”

Mahesh smiled back joyfully and said, “ a very Good Morning, buddy..!!!”

Written By:
Krishna Kanth