Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And the rest is only about Money, nothing else...!!!

Until now, we all had lived the life in a one-way kind of style, you are provided with everything, and are only given some academic tasks like going to school for 8hrs in a day and then after 5 P.M, the rest of the day is your’s for sure, and also you will surely be having each weekend and additionally many vacations for Sankranti, Dusheera, Christmas, and most vital of all, the most awaited summer vacation, but daily of this way, we will most probably remember only the fun we used to have with friends and all daily. Still we are living a similar lifestyle, just with some complex changes in academic tasks, as we are now in college education and will continue this...................................
.............................. until only some 3 or 4 more years. That is the time when a permanent break to this kind of lifestyle is going to be encountered by each and every one of us, in the name of ‘Settled Life’.

Whatever you may be pursuing now, or or MCA or MBA whatever, as said above, in 3 or 4 more years our life is going to take an ‘S’ turn into the new unexplored & stange ways of our own life. There is one OMNIPOTENT POWER that is going to be the sole cause for all this inevitable change, it is MONEY....!

Yes. MONEY will strike-in into our lives, this time forever, pertaining to the change of individuals’ outlook into the insight of this very mechanical world, the way you think of others, the tasks you try to rely upon, the way you compare with others, every single thing of this way changes forever, and yes this is really inevitable, you can’t really run away from all these personally-social responsibilities, say like getting a Job, trying to earn as much bigger number as possible on the 1st of every month, than anyone whom you are related or known to. Competetion changes between you and this world, it all becomes currency centered. You will start comparing with your friends, not at all about the marks scored in semester exams, but in terms of income/annum. You will start caring about Basic salary, Provident Fund, Mutual Investments and like that so, and will forget about the time when you visited your home the last time or met a friend of your’s... and eventually your preferences change, your inner desires and spark dies off, life becomes mechanical, to-and-fro motion turns up between office and house. You will get back from office completely tired body and mind full of mental pressures. You will sleep only to wake up early in the morning and to finish off the remaining work before the office time. You can’t have late-night chats with your friends and won’t get a chance to walk with them around the road at mid-night like you did in your college campus.

You were always used to move from one room to another in your hostel, but now in your job life, you can’t even move to your home very often, because office transforms to be your first home, and that is the place where you spend much of your day’s time. You would even start working on weekends, so that you can get some days off, just in case if you want to visit places. The best fun you can have is, you can go for a film on any of the weekends with your colleages, or worse alone. That’s it.

You will be made to feel that going to office daily is more important than visiting your home town and parents atleast once in a month, this is not your mistake, you are cornered, you won’t be left with any other option than sitting back in office even late night and working alone like you are alienated from this world, and like this, yet again the OMNIPOTENT POWER plays its role by making you stick to your money yielding job than going to happiness giving hometown. You won’t have time to attend your sister’s marriage or brother’s wedding. May be you will be given with a month’s salary as a bonus for Diwali, but not a single week off, to celebrate it with your friends and family. What good can you see in it if you are getting bonus money but can’t go home...!

You can only send an email with an attatched flash greeting card from or more you can call him and wish him Happy Birthday, but you can never again kick his ass in the first minute of his birthday (i.e @ mid-night 12 A.M) and atleast you can’t even have a piece of his birthday cake, unlike you always did in your college life. When you feel like meeting all your friends at once, you can only open your slam book or orkut or facebook’s photo albums of your days oduring college life and can only drop a tear realiazing that these are the days that can never comeback again even if you are ready to sacrifice something from your life to get them back... But, really, that will never ever happen...

So, friends, these few years in college are our last few laps, to enjoy the best life to its fullest, with your academic responsibilities, your friends, class rooms, evening outing with friends, mass-bunks, weekends, late night films, games, vacations, festivals, visiting home for vacations after each semester and much more fun that you are already having now, mainly in the hostel..... Let us preserve these memories forever in our hearts, so that after going into future life, these will be remembered as the best period of life lived with best people in this world.

Wishing you all a very Happy College Life, and a very good placement....