Thursday, December 1, 2011

Someone Somewhere gets Associated

When we undergo a situation of happiness, we just don’t take it all alone, except for some individual and very personnel situations. In rest of the times, we normally remember someone special when we go through a nice feeling, or yes even a tragic moment. I bet many of you had remembered your loved ones when Sharukh loves Kajol in DDLJ, you all have felt with your Dil how lovely such a feeling would be, to meet your heart’s heroine. You know what, your association of your ‘special someone’ to that situation is the main reason for that film’s such a historical success. And same rule applies for Titanic too, coz some (actually many) people, who never had a chance of having their loved ones in their life forever had associated the situation to their real lives.


Ok, apart from the cinematic view of it all, it is actually true for real life too.

Let us suppose that in life you want to be a great musician like A.R.Rahman or a revolutionary dancer like Micheal Jackson, I bet you will get a high-ness when you even think of these people. You will feel that you too are going to be like them someday. Here, you’re associating your aspirations to those people’s success, and imagining the same kind or even better success in your life. This makes you happy subconciously.

We want people to be like us. We very easily get comfortable with people who are having similar thoughts like us or even with similar problems like ours. It gives us a kind of strength which tells us ‘you are not alone’. We feel like associating with a celebrity who once had same problematic situations like you are now having, and came out of it with success, so here you imagine to become like him, and want to come out of your problems and get success, like he did.

On the contrary, imagine yourself being in a grave situation and have no one who had seen such situations before. Where would you go for help? From whom would you get inspiration to come out of it strong?

So, associating someone special to a situation gives you strength, which tells you that it is possible for you too, if it had been possible for someone else. And, this kind of strength is very important for life, because it shows you what you are capable of achieving in your life. It opens new doors for you to enter an unexplored path of life, and it assures you that the hurdles that you’re going to face on the journey along the path are passable.

So, seeing someone achieving their dreams in their life, and you associating yourself to them and aspiring to be like them will make you a golden road for your life, but you will need to do the work that they’ve done, or may be even better work.

Aspire to become like someone, but always try to achieve better than that someone.

Written by:
Krishna Kanth
(an NITian)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pan-India’s Chai servers

I’m a student of NIT Kurukshetra, one of the best technical institutes in the Nation. I daily stroll around my campus with friends and have some chai or paranthas or stuff like that. They’re available outside my campus in the place called NIT KhoKha, they taste very good, but there is one thing that I very badly hate about them all - it is those who are serving them, they’re kids, very little young kinds of this country, with the brightest yet to come futures. They are all out of their schools, with no education, just spending their childhood serving chai to some of the most intelligent students in the country. 

I once asked a 10 year old child working in a nearby tea stall, which class was he studying in, he replied me with an odd look on his face saying, “What school? I’ve never been to a school? I just work here day-in and day-out, serving chai to you people.” I then asked myself, what is gonna happen to the innumerable kids of this kind, or worse, to the country’s whole next generation, indeed. 

We Indians hold a key characteristic in almost all of us, we compromise very easily with things on what they seem to look like, we never try to look beyond what our eyes can see. This is the main reason of why our motherland is still down in the dumps – we compromise on politics rooted up with corruption who publicly disagree to pass-on the bill that’s gonna do good to the country, we compromise on politicians who eat away the funds that are supposed to conduct a world class games festival with, we compromise on the country’s working system which goes on establishing Government subsidized schools but forget to recruit teachers into them, and a hell lot more. And we’re never worried about how hard these all are gonna hit back on the next generation of the country, our kids’ generation, our grand children’s generation, they’re all gonna suffer in ways unthinkable by us.
We keep appreciating our younger generation saying that they’re being very intelligent – when they learnt operating cell phones just at the age of 8 or 9, when they expertise in playing computer games just at  12 or 13, when they score 99% in board exams when they are 15 years old. For that matter, that ‘Younger Generation’ also includes the lives and future of the kids who - serve chai, work in homes, clean vehicles, roam around begging for bucks and even those who pick-pocket, yes, these kid’s are also important to the country. They too can be intelligent just like our younger brothers or sisters, if given a chance, but that is what they lack, one fine chance of development.

The younger generation that we just discussed about, who do the  hi-fi stuff with cell phones , online games and all are being that intellectual and active because they are having a very fair chance of exposure into the present and ever-changing world, it is because they all have Education, the most primary thing needed for any young kid of this country. 
Yes, education is the precious and the worthiest thing in this present times than ever in the history of the country.
Big heads of India keep bashing that the level of students entering IITs is deplementing, and some country-critics always ask why from India, despite it being Technologically one of best in the world, there is not one world class miracle like Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, or Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Inc., or the recent revolution Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook or so many others?
This question should not be asked out to the country, rather it should be asked to ourselves. Of the present Indian population, 65% of the whole are youth, the young ones, who possess the capacity to make or break the country’s future, but how can the country’s brightest future be made when it’s young generation is washing the utensils instead of being educated in the schools. 

I say they’re hidden, the people whom we want from India for it’s future are hidden among these chai servers. Indian Bill Gates, Indian Steve Jobs, Indian Larry Page and Sergy Brin, Indian Mark Zuckerberg, everyone is present also among our Indian Younger Generation, but they’re being lost in the dogma of their situations of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and above all, they’re lost in finding their living, day by day, until their death, and with their death, the generation ends.
This is not changing in the country, and until this changes, no matter - How many nuclear deals the government makes with aborad, How many world class game fairs India organizes, How many cricket world cups India wins, How many politicical parties emerge, nothing is gonna save the doomsday of our mother land, and now, this doomday is not an imported one, it’s very desi, Made in India, it’s our own hand made fate.
We can’t do this to our country. We have to change it, it’s our responsibility as citizens of this country. We have to dedicate some part of our life to change something in this country, even if it means helping a young kid realize how important education is for his life. People should openly dedicate some of their time to develop education among young kid’s, the work being done by the organizations like ‘’ is a very good initiative. Things like that should be encouraged.

This all have to be done, because the dreams of the needy young kids on streets are as much important as yours are for you, and this set of dreams as a whole result in the development of the country. 
So, let’s not be trapped in the illusion displayed by our characteristic of ‘Compromising’. Lets’s open our eyes of conscience and look into the future, and imagine how it feels to have a bright future, with well educated younger generations and intellectual people, who work for the greatness of the country and it’s endless prosperity.
Good Luck, my Holy Mother Land, India.

Written by:
Krishna Kanth
(an N.I.T.ian)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Lovely Blood - Part 2 [Please read the blog "The Lovely Blood" before you continue with this one]

Mythya, as usually came to her office to work on the next day of Amar’s murder. She powered-on her PC and opened that day’s news paper, Times Of India. It carried the report of the murder that she committed the previous day. It read:

Times Of India:

There has been a murder at 122City Park, House Number 24, Delhi. A man named Amar, in his mid twenties has been brutally stabbed into his heart and murdered. This seemed like a 4th murder in a series of such attacks, where prior to yesterday’s Amar’s  murder, three more young men of seemingly same age has also been murdered in the same way, by being stabbed into their hearts in their bed, each at a gap of 3 months time span. Delhi Police haven’t found any witnesses or clues yet, but are suspecting that these 4 murders might have been committed by a same person, due to the same kind of stab in heart, in all 4 cases. Police Department have shown an optimism when asked about finding out the murderer, they said, “We are intensly working with a keen concentration on this series of murders, we shall, in near future catch the murderer, and also find out the reason behind these murders.”

Mythya, completed reading the report, sat back relaxed in her chair. She thought, “These people always need reasons for everything. Reason. Yes, I have a reason for all those murders. A reason of belief and betrayal. I never thought I would become like this, but that reason had made me do such things, the reason behind it all - ,” she continued to retrospect into her past. 

Those were the days when Mythya’s mother Poorna was on her deathbed. Even then, the only thing bothering her is not her death but the future of her daughter. Poorna had been abandoned by the man whom she loved, the man who was the reason of Mythya’s birth, and so, Poorna became an unwed mother of Mythya. 

Poorna had faced lot of troubles to bring Mythya up in life. She, since the day Mythya was born, started hating men, as the man whom she loved had betrayed her, due to which Mythya never knew the fatherly love. Poorna always told Mythya not to believe in Men. She always cautioned her, “Never believe in a Man’s Love. It’s just the word ‘Lust’ wrongly spelt as ‘Love’. Always, beware of it’s spelling.” 

Today, when Poorna was inches away from death, she prayed to God only asking him to give her child the strength to lead her life alone, ability to differentiate between good and bad, as the world is not such a good place for an innocent girl like Mythya, with none left to care for her. Poorna, with the complete strength left in her body, moved upwards from the bed and looked into the eyes of Mythya with tears rolling down, “I am very sorry that I‘m leaving you in the middle of your life journey, from now on you have to carry on with it on your own. I again ask you not to repeat the mistake I did. Never believe in a Man’s Love, it’s just the word ‘Lust’ wrongly spelt.” And, Poorna fell back on bed - breathless, motionless and lifeless. 
Mythya, since that day, had tried to tackle with the world alone. She continued her studies in Government schools and colleges, staying in orphanages. She always kept her mother’s word about this world in her mind. But, when she came of age of becoming a woman, her mind insisted her on ruling out the last words of her mother telling her not to believe in love of a man. Yes, Mythya is now wanting a man’s support in her life, she wanted a person - whom she can share her happiness and sorrows with, who would care for her each moment of her life, who would take her as his most prized possession. Above all, Mythya was wanting a man who would Love her with his whole heart. 

Mythya exactly found one such guy, named Sanjay. Sanjay was her classmate, they both became good friends. Infact, Sanjay was the only guy whom Mythya was friends with. Until date she had never wanted a boy’s support in her life, but now, in this age, she felt difficulty in living that way, without a boy’s presence in life, forever. Sanjay was a very good guy and always cared for her, in the very same way that she always wanted a man to be. Mythya told him everything about her life and her mother’s words. He promised Mythya that he would always love her truly.
But, her heart questioned her back about her mother’s words. Mythya silenced her heart by saying, “Mom had been betrayed because she failed to find an honest man. But, I am understanding this world better than her. I determine myself to prove my mother’s words wrong.” 

Yes, Mythya since her childhood, has been very inquisitive, and really wanted to prove something wrong which is believed in the world as truth. She now wanted herself to prove that genuine love exists in this world, and she took pride in finding her answer in the form of Sanjay. She loved Sanjay a lot and Sanjay also loved back her purely. She explored some of the unseen enjoyments of human life with Sanjay. They both had a very lovely relationship with eachother, and Mythya was very happy for she proved that true love exists in this world.
But, there came one day in Mythya’s life, which changed it all. 

It was Sanjay’s birthday. He said he would announce their wish of getting married, infront of all in the party. So, Mythya was elated with joy that she is now going to live with the person who loved her truly. She visited the party with lot of hope. But, there at the party, Sanjay announced his marriage with another rich girl. Mythya was heart broken realizing the true nature of a loving man. Suddenly her mother’s words telling her not to believe a Man’s love arose in her mind.
 She failed. She failed in proving her mother’s words wrong. She could not hold the defeat. She confronted Sanjay infront of all.

“You cheated me, you promised that we both would get married, and now you’re forbidding me. Sanjay, we always loved each other truly. Why are you doing this?” Mythya asked in rage.
“Shut up Mythya, You are just a nasty orphan. You are brought up on streets, no one knows if you’ve roamed around with many guys all along your life. And now you want a decent family guy like me to love you and marry you? You are cheating me now by saying that we loved eachother. You’re a  good-for-nothing daughter of an unwed abandoned mother, you are such a disgusting thing in this world, and you are talking about Love. Huh, what a fate for love!” said Sanjay.
Tears started rolling down Mythya’s eyes.

Sanjay spoke again, “Stop pretending love with your fake tears. No one will ever love you Mythya. You are a street rat, no man would prefer a girl like you. You’re such a disgrace for any man. If by mistake, any man ever loves you, huh, that would be the last thing of his life, nothing can get more worse. Any man who loves you is nothing less than dead.” Saying this Sanjay and everyone present there laughed at Mythya.

Due to this incident, Mythya’s heart broke forever, “I failed. I believed in human love and it has costed me severely. Sorry mother, I couldn’t live up to your words. You’ve always told me not to believe in Man’s love, but I still did and I now got my answer at a very high price. My love has been disgraced, spoilt by the very same person I loved.”
Mythya couldn’t hold her defeat – defeat by her own conscience, her own love, her own faith. She spoke to her heart, “No, I can’t accept this. I won’t. I still believe that true love exists in this world. I won’t let the people like Sanjay take away my belief. I will show my mother that a woman can be truly loved by a man. I will show Sanjay that I can be truly loved by a man. And, I will prove this several times.”

“ I will find those men - who will truly love me, who would want nothing more in their lives than my love.”

Mythya bursted the outrage of defeat out of her mind by loudly howling, “Sanjay, remember this, I will show you those people who will love me as their most precious gift in their lives. I will prove it to you, not just with their words, but with their Blood. Their blood will be become the proof of their Love for me. Only their Blood filled with love for me will speak.” 
After some days, Sanjay was dead of a violent stab in his heart, by a knife.
And since then, Mythya always had only one thing in her mind - finding those people who would truly love her. And, when she found such men, she extracted her answer to Sanjay’s soul in the form of their Blood. 

She had already answered Sanjay’s soul four times, and the recent one was Amar.
“Hello, beautiful girl. My name is Vinod. Today is my first day in this office. We’re colleagues from now on. By the way, what’s your good name please?” asked a newly joined employee in the office where Mythya works.

“Hello, my name is Mythya. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh! Mythya, very nice name. Would you like to have a Coffee ?”

I would like to have blood, the Lovely Blood, Mythya  thought to herself in her mind, and smiled back to Vinod. 

Vinod felt very happy by her smile, and they both left the office to have a some good time.

Written By :
Krishna Kanth

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lovely Blood

Mythya was working in her office just like any other day, she was a software consultant. She was a common working class woman of mid twenties, with thoughts and needs like any woman of that age - to earn a living, to enjoy life, and also to find her love. Her life is being good these days as she had found her love, Amar. Mythya and Amar met eachother at an office conference 3 months ago and got interested in eachother’s ways of life. And, the language of their hearts matched.
Mythya picked her office phone and dialed the number of Amar, asking him to come to her office after he is done with his work at his office, just to go shopping. Their lives have been very blissful and both of them were really happy to have eachother in their lives, and now are looking forward for wedding. Amar reached her office after her working hours, and it was a weekend. So, they both have left for shopping. They’ve shopped some home furniture, and some household stuff for Mythya, they had enjoyed eachother’s presense all along the evening, and had a good dinner at a restaurant. And, they started off to their respective homes.
Amar drove Mythya to her home, where she stays alone. And they happily wished eachother their good-byes and good-nights. Amar left to his home where he stays alone too, as his parents live in their hometown somewhere down the country. He changed into night clothes, played some music at loud volume, and checked out  his Facebook updates and posted his status about his happy evening with Mythya. It was almost past 1AM in the mid-night. He felt tired and laid on his bed to go into deep sleep. He was just getting into a deeper peaceful sleep, minute by minute. The room was completely dark…. Then, the entrance door of his home clicked open, and a dark figure moved in. The figure came straight into the room in which Amar was sleeping. It stood there, put it’s one of the hands into it’s inner jacket, and pulled out a large metal knife. It moved forward and mounted on the bed and sat at the mid portion of Amar’s body. Slowly, Amar was feeling the sudden increase in weight on his body and was trying to open his eyes, but everything was dark. Amar, caught hold of a torch light beside his pillow and clicked it on and felt a sudden horror by looking at the dark figure with a knife in hand, sitting on him, for an instance he thought he was in a dream, and slowly came to consciousness, and was terrified.
The dark figure pointed the knife straight to Amar’s heart and started to speak, the voice was very cold, very strange, very terrifying, “This will be the last moment of your life, if you would be given a chance to live for something, what would that be?” Amar was loosing his mind, many reflexes worked at once in his mind to answer this simple but tricky question, but one thing influenced all other reflexes, Amar then decieded his most precious reason to live for, and started to speak, “I want to live for Mythya, my love, if there will ever be any reason for me either to die or to live, it will only be Mythya.” These words flowed into the ears of the dark figure, and the rage in it’s nerves suddenly boosted up hearing Amar’s reason to live.” The dark figure raised the knife with its both hands and landed it deeply, with full strength of its body, straight into Amar’s heart.  There was a violent outflow of blood from the heart of Amar, blood filled with an unending love for Mythya.
The dark figure got down from the bed, and switched on the lights in the room. It looked around and moved to a corner of the room where there was a big mirror situated. It removed its dark black covering from its head, and looked proudly at its face in the mirror. “You are precious to the people who even on the verge of their death, would want to live for You, only for You, only for You, only for - ” reciting this on and on Mythya purged her violent rage from her heart and nerves. She was excited to the pinnacle point of her head.  She raised the knife to her mouth and tasted the blood, “Oh!The Lovely Blood. I love the way you taste.” And, laughed out of her mind, violently.

To be Continued….!

Written By:
Krishna Kanth

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Change that occurs in people's lives between one Freshers day to another....!

                     Today, i.e., Sept 24th 2011, we have given Freshers Party to our juniors. It went very well... while witnessing the party, at some point of time, somewhere, my mind transported back to the previous year, when my seniors gave us the Freshers party.. That day was an awesome day in my life.. It has been one year since that day happened... One Year... I then wondered, how many things has possibly changed in this One year...!

                     The college and hostel, that had once been new unhabituated places, have now become our second homes. The people, who had been very new and shy to share much talk, have now become the best hang-out buddies, the situations that had once seemed strange, have now merged up with the regular way of life.. May be, this is what the college campuses do, change away the lives of its people, forever...!

                    It sometimes seem very funny and strange, when we think back that the friends which we all now have here, were once never there in our lives, and look at it now, you feel like never breaking your friendship, not even in your wildest imaginations. People changed in this one year, some have become very closer, while with others, the relation improved to a good extent...

A person whom you hated very badly at an instant in this one year, may now have been your best pal than anyone else, and the best thing that might have happened is, you're now liking the person for the very same reason why you hated him/her earlier, this is what you call 'change'.

The passion, crush, or like-ness that you once had on a special girl in your batch in this one year might have passed-on to another girl, indeed more specially. You might have remembered how your heart used to pound when your eyes met hers, and now wonder how in the hell did that feeling on that girl ended, and moved-on to another. It feels very strange looking at a girl and not getting the feeling that you once had for her in your heart. But, it's true, it happens, choices change.

The situations that you've experienced for the first time, might have now turned to be on regular intervals with your life, say like mid-sessionals, I bet that you never had the feeling for the any of the sessional exams in the very same way that you felt for the first one in your first year...! And, I can also bet that the first weekend that you spent in your hostel with your friends would never repeat again. And, the first cultural fest that you enjoyed on the campus, Confluence'11, will never come back to you, no matter how many Confluences you witness on campus... That's what First one means, it's always the best one...!

And, in this one year, you might have seen a big change in yourself - how good you've become towards others, how well you are intereacting with people than you once did, how new you are performing things, how you started taking your life, what new lessons you've learnt from the lives of your friends, and above all, how you initiated yourself to create an identity in your Life, how planned and determined you are to follow your passions and reach your dreams - that all have changed. Yes, they did.

Finally, what these all tell us is, Time changes everything, but the kind of change we want to bring up in life is entirely left to us... So, friends, let's work to make that
'Change' better...!  Thank You all very much...!

Written By :
Krishna Kanth (an NITian)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Leonardo Dicaprio and Mahesh Babu were sitting in adjacent arm chairs at a dining table in Hotel Spark in California.

“Leonardo, I am very happy to have dinner with you.” said Mahesh Babu.

“So am I. I’ve sensed you as a very different actor. The way you do your work is enchanting. I saw your performance in the movies ‘Athadu’ and ‘Pokiri’. I can bet that no one else would perform those roles better than you did and especially in ‘Athadu’ film, you’ve depicted yourself like a James Bond stuck with a criminal case on himself, that role of your’s is my all-time favourite. I too am very much happy that we both met here, and I would also like you to visit my home now.” said Leonardo.

“Sure. I will” said Mahesh finishing his dinner with Leonardo.

At Leonardo’s house, Mahesh and Leonardo entered the house, Mahesh was being escorted by Leonardo to go on a tour to his entire house. 
“Mahesh,  please rest here tonight. Your flight is in the morning, so you can start from here after the breakfast.” said Leonardo.

“Thank You so much Leo.”
“And wait, let me get you a good night drink. Just give me a minute.” said Leonardo and went downstairs into the Kitchen to prepare a drink.
He came back with a glass full of drink and handed it to Mahesh. Mahesh consumed it right away and thanked Leonardo for it. 
Five minutes after drinking the juice, Mahesh was sensing a strange feeling of drowsiness. He bade good night to Leonardo and laid on the bed.
Leonardo then immediately pulled out his mobile and dialed a person who was on the recent call list.
“It is time. He just had the drink and gone into deep unconscious sleep. He didn’t have a clue that he was sedated. Just as we planned,” said Leonardo in the mobile, “You can now come into this room with the equipment.”
Within a minute, a person in mid twenties entered the room.
“Good Evening Mr.Srinivas, everything until now is just as we wished it to be.” said Leonardo shaking hands with Srinivas, the person who entered the room with a suitecase in his hand.
“Leonardo, everything is fine until now, but what I feel pessimistic about is whether my this plan would succeed or not. Because it is said that Mahesh has already encountered with those words from his father. May be he couldn’t stand up to them even now.”
“No. Your fear is meaningless. The process of planting an idea in the subconscious mind is very much different from merely telling it in words to the person. In general, a person is unable to act upon his resolutions, it’s common, but when an idea is planted into the subconscious mind of a person, he feels that it is his duty to satisfy the idea. He don’t actually realise that the idea is planted by someone, and directly feels the motivation provided by the idea and gets influenced.” said Leonardo. “This process is called Inception. That is where my expertise lies in.”
“Ok. That is good. I will now get into the disguised form of Superstar Krishna, the father of Mahesh Babu to perform the task. I chose him because he is the only one in this world whom Mahesh would listen to,” said Srinivas.
“Yes, that is very good. As he is his father, it will be easy for us to make a projection of him in Mahesh’s subconscious. Just go in there and act like his father, like you’ve trained yourself these days. According to what I’ve seen, you’re really good at that,” said Leonardo.
Srinivas smiled confidently. Leonardo opened the suitecase and pulled out the electronic equipment needed for Inception process. He took out some wires and connected them to the nerves on Mahesh’s wrist, and plugged-in the other end of the wires into a round rolling device in the suitecase.
Now, all three of them, Mahesh, Leonardo and Srinivas were connected to a set of wires each and all the wires are connected to a hub, they both eagerly waiting to travel into the subconscious mind of Mahesh Babu to kick-start the main event of the plan.
And it then happened, Leonardo and Srinivas suddenly entered a place which they’ve never seen before.
 “This probably must have been a place where Mahesh and his father spent more time together, because this place has been present at several instances in his subconscious, I’ve seen it while travelling into his dream now, so I thought it would be wise to perform our action here,” said Leonardo to Srinivas.
Mahesh Babu is sitting in a green land covered with little lovely plants full of flowers, a place which is looking like some kind of park. He is looking far younger than he is on the present day.
Srinivas is able to see Mahesh sitting in the midst of little plants and flowers. He started walking towards the young Mahesh thinking what would Mahesh call him now.
“Hi Dad, I’ve been waiting for you here. I loved this place, a great green attraction is present here, I don’t want to leave this place. My mind is feeling very relaxed looking at this greenery and these lovely blossoming flowers,” young Mahesh rejoiced infront of Srinivas.

Mahesh can’t see the real image of Srinivas, because now this is all happening in Mahesh’s subcsious mind, and here Srinivas has took the disguised form to look like Mahesh’s father Krishna. He is just a projection from Mahesh’s subconscious, he is actually Srinivas, but Mahesh will not be able to see the real form of Srinivas as long as they live in this dream. In this dream, Srinivas is Krishna, Mahesh’s father.
“Mahesh, today I want to tell you some things, some very vital things that a father have to tell to his son, things that will show you how a celebrity film star’s life should be like. What YOUR life should be like,” said Krishna. “I am a star of Telugu film industry. Everyday, since the beginning days of my career, I’ve seen numerous kinds of people, I worked with many. I’ve learnt a lot of life lessons from all of them. Firstly, the stars of this industry should respect their work. We should be sincere at our duty. We should never behave as if we are Gods, we should always be down to earth, irrespective of what kind of successes we achieve in our lives. Because, these successes are given to us by the people. People are the sole reasons that we are now having a celebrity status. So, never forget to have utmost respect for people, the audience. And nextly, the Directors and Producers, they are the people who selects you for a film, which means they are putting their trust in you that you are the one who will be the best fit for a film’s role. These people are your creators, so never forget to remain indebted to the Directors and Producers,” Krishna continued.
“Your profession is your service to the people, so always do it with your whole heart. People are watching movies, which means they are giving us time and chance to be a part of their life’s some of the memorable fun moments, so it is our responsibility as a film star to provide complete satisfaction and happiness to them by doing an interesting work everytime,” said Krishna and Mahesh was listening to each word being spoken by his father with pinnacle concentration and interest.
Krishna continued, “And dedication towards the industry is another important issue that a film star should consider. I faithfully dedicated my entire career for the improvement of the industry. I’ve introduced first colour movie in the industry, first cinema scope movie, first 70mm movie, first DTS movie in the telugu film industry. And these things had brought in a better change in the industry as well as in the lives of many of its people.”
“Another most important thing that a film star should take importance in is showing his stand as continuously as possible on the silver screen. People when start loving a film star, they will always want to watch him making films very regularly, which means you should be doing films within very short time gaps. Irrespective of hits or flops, doing good and different films is a primary responsibility of a film star. In this aspect, I feel proud and take honour to say that I had been a very important such figure who made highest number of films in shortest span in the whole of the industry, I did 10 films in 1 year, in 1968. That had created good employment in the industry, and I truly feel blessed to have done this.”
“And, You as my successor in this film industry, have many great responsibilities on your shoulders. You will be the star whom many people will love, so you will have to pay back their love with your sincere service to the industry and the people.”
Krishna continued, “Make good films in short span. Never give long gaps between the films, people will feel very bad about this. Never test their patience. And do whole hearted service to all. Never do a film for its huge remuneration. In my times, I’ve even made films free of cost to some producers who had once given me life in this industry. Never forget the good done to you by others. Always be loyal to yourself and to others. Please try to select the films which are very different from each other and also of various kinds. Show versatility in everything you do. This is what people want and desrie from a film star, and it is our responsibity to meet their expectations in various things.”
“And finally, let me tell you this, I want you to be remembered by the people as one of the best film stars ever in the industry who always strived for its growth and improvement. Do your duty towards people and industry and that will define your life and people will bless you a long happy life forever, and that is what we will need at last. God bless you, my Boy,” said Krishna and kissed Mahesh on the forehead.
Mahesh said, “Father, after listening to this all, I feel very honoured to be your son, and a film star. I promise you and my heart that I will always strive to perform all my duties as a part of Telugu film industry for its improvement and to be always loved by the people. I will do my work sincerely, and will work hard to make more number of films within short time span. I will be up to your reputation and bring some more good name to you with my work. Thanks for saying these good things which will define my work. Thanks a lot dad, I love you,” and Mahesh hugged Krishna, with tears in his eyes.

Both Mahesh and Krishna fell on to the ground in that park, and suddenly Srinivas and Leonardo Dicaprio woke up back in the house of Leonardo.  Srinivas was very happy that the Inception plan has been performed so well. He is a great fan of Mahesh babu, and he told all the things that the fans and all the people desires from him. So, now the idea is planted in the subconscious of Mahesh Babu which would affect his thought process and will influence his working style eventually.
Leonardo removed the wires connected to all three of them, and packed up the equipment. He and Srinivas left the room. Srinivas thanked Leonardo for the Inception process and left his house. Leonardo felt tired and went to sleep.

Early in the next moring, Mahesh Babu woke up. He was sensing something different in himself. His heart felt light and his mind felt relaxed from all the burdens that were there the previous day. He checked the time , it was 8.00 A.M. He perceived new interest in his own work. Somehow he wanted to change away himself from then on, into a good way. He stood up and came downstairs to meet Leonardo.

Leonardo said with a smile, “ Oh! Mahesh, you woke up already. Good Morning. You look very relaxed and calm and you got a new glow in your face.”

Mahesh smiled back joyfully and said, “ a very Good Morning, buddy..!!!”

Written By:
Krishna Kanth

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Boys try to flirt with Facebook generation Girls...!

Time changes everything… Yes, this is very much true for Facebook. It has changed away forever the ways in which two persons interact with eachother, and of them, the most considerable one being how a boy gets to know and interact with a girl and start flirting with her.
Here, I’m gonna discuss 4 scenarios which boys usually try in to do with Facebook about Girls and stuff...!!!
There are two kinds of Boys in the internet world, the first kind is of those who use social networking just to maintain contacts with their friends, there is not much to say about them as they doesn’t differentiate it from real world relations, and the second kind is of those who take-in the real meaning of SOCIAL NETWORKING, and use it to the fullest. They are the guys who aims to have all sorts of possible virtual fun with many people online, and that is what has taken FB to an all new level in the internet world.

Facebook has thankfully given many new ways to flirt with people, and for boys this is one most awaited gift. When a boy finds on FB, a girl whom he fancies the most in his class, he is most likely to send her a Friend Request. But it doesn’t just end there, it actually starts from that point of time. He, then on, starts moving in and out of an imaginary park kind of place where he and that fancied girl sit and talk together all the time, that park is nothing but the chat-bot of Facebook. Yes, boys does this kind of imagination when they send requests to some special girls. Time doesn’t count for the boy when she keeps talking, he puts up a lovely tent on the cloud nine and won’t even want to go for dinner pausing the chat with her. Huh, life is not happy all the time, is it? This is all just his imagination and desire of how to be with her when she accepts his friend request, but as often, the way how fate rests for many boys, that SPECIAL girl won’t accept his friend requet, and knowing this, and with a downheart the boy doesn’t again go for dinner.

See how facebook is not letting boys have a good apetite, sad..!!!

This is one scenario, and other one follows here. Boys usually add many of their classmates into their friend’s list. Huh, the actual thing that many boys do is, they go to the friend’s list of each of their classmates, and finds out if there is any good looking girl in their list, and as many girls post their beautifully looking pics as their profile images, they eventually fall into the eyes of those who look for such kind, (this is nature’s law, don’t blame boys for this.) So, they now send friend requests to those girls whom they don’t even know, here please realise how good boys are, they are proclaiming the real meaning of humanity by wanting to be friends with many unknown people (provided that is a girl, and an eye-candy). And, the problem now is for the person from whose list the girl is found, because that person appears in mutual friends list.

Now, let’s see another, this time a very special sect of boys that really exist on FB….!

Some boys who are very smart at the top of their heads or just too smart, create themselves some new ways to flirt. They create some fake FB accounts by portraying themselves as Females with biologically hormonal influencing profile pictures. These kind, send requests to many of their classmates(male) themselves and chat with them in an arousing way and thus finds out what their friends’ ethic principle levels are upto. Damn smart, aren’t they..!! Hence, guys, if some unknown beautiful girl sends you a friend request, don’t be too happy, that stranger might just be your batch mate, or worse, your room mate himself. So, beware of those ‘Karuna Sarkars’…!

And here is another section of boys, who seem to be modern epitomes of like-ness, these people try to be as much friendly as possible with girls on FB, complete strangers to one another, whom they don’t even know. When some girl posts some pics in which she would look just like okay, these kind of boys ‘Like’ it and comment it as if they had known this girl for ages, and tries to flirt with her by saying ‘you are the main attraction of the pic’, ‘haven’t seen any girl like you’, ‘you are sparkling’,’you are enchanting’, ‘promise me that we will meet for my birthday’,’you should visit my home for an occasion’ and so on... c’mon man she is just a new beautiful stranger girl, you can’t be commenting her that close already....!!!

There you go, 4 kinds of flirt-kings...!
One small tip for Girls: If you find your posts(even if they suck sometimes) being regularly ‘LIKE’d by a particular guy, may be he wants something more than just a facebook chat from you, so you better go, sit and talk to that guy personally, he might be wanting to tell you something special..!!!

P.S: Hey guys and girls, what I’ve written in this blog is just an attempt to make some fun out of our daily routines on Facebook, but ofcourse some of them are pretty damn true, but if any of the above written content appears to be hurting your feelings, I am sorry for that. This is just a fun attempt…! Take it sportively..!

Boys, Girls, friendships, knowing one another into depth, and sharing all their memorable moments... this has been the idea that was born in the mind of a student of Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg, and that has been the beginning of Facebook. Since its arrival into everyones’ life, it has marked a beginning of many revolutionary changes in the lives of people. And WE are all a part of it…!! Thanks to all my Facebook friends who always give me a Wonderful time..!!!

Written by:

Krishna Kanth...!
(an NITian)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Life and its uniqueness.....!!!

Life, a colourful void gifted to us, to be filled with what we choose. The characteristics that we possess results in a cumulative product of what we end up to be in our life. Many things that we all face in our real life actually tells us how unique we all are from one another. You may not be like me and I might not be like you.

This is called versatality and Uniqueness.

To understand the real meaning of uniqueness, we have to get to the bottom of our innerselves. We usually have friends whom we feel are just like us, but it is not actually true. Being alike is not just liking same colour or tapping the feet for same numbers, or having an interest for same genre of films or books, it's a lot more. So more that those alikenesses doesn't very usually exist, and here is where your uniqueness comes into the picture. Even after spending majority of your day's time with the outer world, with many people at your work place, your school or college or wherever, you will be wanting one thing in life while each of your mates will be wanting something else. This is true for most of us. You might be a banker who actually wanted to be a singer, your friend might be a software engineer whose life ambition is to top in Civil Services exam and become an I.A.S officer, hmm, to go a bit deep, the girl whom you are going to marry might have dreamt all along her life to become a great classical dancer. Everone is different in their own way of life. This is called Uniqueness, the way you want to be and the kind of happiness and satisfaction you wish to possess in life, these all things usually definitely varies from most of the people you meet in life.

There is another such uniqueness with which we are born. Ironically this uniqueness is not so unique, that is the social status to which we all are habituated, the rich and the not-so-rich. So many think and believe that not-so-rich is called being poor, but I don't refer it so, because being-poor brings up a negative picture while being not-so-rich doesn't. Yes, if you are not rich enough to feel so, don't get downhearted, you thankfully have a greater chance to become rich or atleast aspire to become so unlike those who are already rich and want to grow richer, they unfortunately looks like money minded persons, sorry about that.

For those who look with an awe at the people who party all their life, let me tell you one thing guys, partying all the days makes life boring, yes, too much entertainment creates a shallow lifestyle. At the initial stages of enjoyment, it feels very good and you will want it always, but as the days roll on with only entertainment and nothing else, your everyday becomes too much predictable and life becomes tedious with no surprises at all. Don't ever get into this.

Try to become rich enough to be very comfortable and spend a luxurious life but be yourself on a constant lookout that you won't grow too rich to be exiled yourself into a shallow life of nothingness, because that is where you loose the meaning of your LIFE.

Live WITH comfort but never live ONLY FOR comfort.

And the other stage where we can be unique is in having ambitions and dreams in life. It feels very good to have something ambitious to achieve. When you start working towards reaching that goal, your heart feels very happy and rejoices itself. This is a way that makes you feel more alive and a proof that you are not just existing but living the moments of your life.

So, let's all be uniquely good to one another and become rich enough to have a comfortable and balanced lifestyle and simultaneously aspire for greater dreams in life and work hard to make them true one day. These all sort of abstract feelings fill different colours in your life and that is what we call a Colourful Life. Isn't it !

Written by:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The moment my head touched the holiest water, the Ganga...!

Ganga river, famously known to the world as river Ganges, which was the birth place of many civilizations of India and most prominently the Indus valley civilization. This is not just a river, or some holy river, it is the place where every human should feel to reach as their destiny. It is one of the holiest places on the Earth.

I feel myself very lucky to take bath in the Ganga, and that too on the auspicious occasion of Pushkar which happens only once in 12 years. The sight of one of the purest creations of God, is a must have experience for everyone. My heart started dancing with joy, when it witnessed for the first time in my life, the quick downstream of Ganga. As I was stepping into the river, it seemed like ‘just one small step for my physical being but one gaint leap for my gifted life’.

One undergoes a strange feeling when taking a bath in this holy water. The water of Ganges is freezing at first, eventually when we get ourselves wholly immersed into the water, bottom up, until head, then at that moment, it happens, the thing that we are destined to experience in this human life, To purge the soul and heart off the sins that we have committed knowingly or unknowlingly in this life.

In the very instant, when our body and soul is completely inside Ganga, the sound of the chaotic world, external to our innerself is completely blocked by the holy water, and our eyes closed tight. The water is freezing cold and petrifies the body while the very same water of Ganga cleanses the heart and soul and make us pure from then on.

When our ears are closed we hear no noise but only a voice which comes from our very heart, that communicates with God, and realizes what is most loving and is our dream in life. It asks the God for strength to achieve the dream. Our eyes only see the image of God, who tells us that we are now purified off the sins and mistakes committed in our lives, and are being given another chance to redefine our life in order to carry out the purpose of this human life. This all just happens in a very short span of time. No wonder. If Google can search its entire database of world in just a micro second, then this redefining moment of our life can definitely happen in just less than a second of time inside that holiest water in the world, the Ganga.

Om Namah Shivaya :

Written on the occasion of visiting river Ganga @ Haridwar on May 8th,2011
Krishna Kanth.

Friday, April 29, 2011

a Problem in Life is just a plain paper...!

Problem, the last thing that any humanbeing would want in life. It’s actually the innocence of not knowing what to treat as a problem and what not to, that makes all the difference in one’s life. For some people, sleeping one more hour, eating one more spoon, doing one more mistake is a problem, while for some others nothing is a problem. Everything is fun for some, and everything is problem for some. So, what is to be actually done to qualify something as a problem, a real problem, and dedicate our complete mind to worry about it?

While talking about problems in life, my mind redirects me to my childhood... I remember a situation I faced, which to my knowledge is the first ever Problem that I faced in my life.

Mr.Krishna Kanth, 10 years old, in navy blue short and white shirt, as school uniform. I have done my schoolings from St.Francis De Sales [S.F.S] school, in Tanuku, it’s a Christian missionary school. When I was in 5th standard, I had a Mickey Mouse capped wrist watch which my father bought for me. I loved the watch as it was very beautiful and playful with the cartoon look over. Also, many of my friends liked it. One of them, named Surendra, asked me to lend it to him for a day, during the school hours and I did, as he is one of my best friends. Any kid of 10 years age, having a cartoon item in his hand would obvisouly play with it in the classroom, so did Surendra. And then a very bad thing happened. While he was playing with my watch in the class, our school principal saw him, and punished him for playing in class and not being attentive towards lessons, and he also took away my watch from him. All the problem started now. My principal took away my watch to his office, and he told he won’t return it back. So, now what should I do? I can’t go to his office and request it, as he will ask me to bring my parents to him to talk about this, I surely am dead frightened about it. I thought, if my father comes to know about this, that’s it, I am done. I imagined that, both my parents will beat me down for being playful in the class, as both my parents are teachers, and a teacher might be very good at punishing students for discipline. So, now this situation is a PROBLEM of my life. I coudn’t eat, sleep and study properly. The only picture that was moving infront of my very mind was the Principal’s office desk which contained my watch on it. Now, what to tell to my parents, whom should I put the blame on? I somehow slept that night, and woke up the next day, and went back to school. My mind was buzzing with thoughts, and my heart was beating very fast as this is the first time in life experiencing a Problem. I went to my friend Surendra and asked him about what would happen. Then he gave me a very good news which I was praying for the whole night. He told me that the principal would return the watch if we assure him that we won’t repeat these kind of acts in the classroom. And the very moment, my mind and heart erupted with a joy I never knew before. “Wow..! My Problem is solved, now I can live my whole life happily ever after, I am getting my watch back from Principal,” these were the words my heart said to itself. Eventually i got my watch back and everything was set fine and happy.

This was my first experience of how a Problem would be like. Huh, remembering about it now, after 11 years of that very time, would only make me laugh at myself, how funny a 10 year old kid can think about problems. But, yes there are many more problems in life than your school principal taking away your wrist watch as a punishmint and asking to get your parents to reclaim it. A problem is nothing but a situation created with or without our consciousness, which later on tackles our mind to worry about it, making us to loose our concentration on other worldly things, until the situation is resolved. Sometimes, for some people, the intensity of the problems might be unfortunately very high, for which they consider the solution of killing themselves. No, that is not the right way. Please realize that.

Now, in my 16th year, when I was in my 11th class, one unfortunate day, I heard a very sad news that, my friend Surendra whom I mentioned above, has committed suicide, due to some depression in his life. I don’t know why, but he decieded to kill himself because of some problem which no one knows. He didn’t mention the problem to anyone, he only dealt with death. He unfortunately chose a very wrong companion to solve his problem. He was a Christian, and he always wanted to become a clergy man, Catholic church father. He was one of the very kind and lovable friends in my life, I never seen him angry while I was with him all along my schoolings. Since then he wanted to become a priest. I always thought and believed that he would one day become the Vatican City’s Pope for this world. But, when he opted the wrong solution at hand, the death, to solve his problem, irrespective of it was, this world had lost a best Pope and I had lost a best friend.

A plain sheet of paper in a notebook, on which you can write anything with your own hands, and the same is true for a Problem in life, as this gifted Life is nothing more than a notebook on which we can design our own future with aims, dreams, and destinations. And a Problem is just a blank page from that notebook, which can be anything that we want it to be. That book ought to be completed with a happy ending. We should try not to fail in this in our life.

Is there any such thing to be worried about in this human life? Do you people remember the the first problem in your life since childhood? I mean, since your childhood, what is the first situation that seemed as a problem in your life? If any such memories, plz do share it here in this blog post as your comments.

Wish you all a very merry & happy Life forever.

Thank You...!

Written by:
Krishna Kanth (an 'NIT'ian)

Friday, February 18, 2011

What if there is no NIT - Kurukshetra in my LIfe...!

July 12th, 2010. I still remember the first day i set my foot in this place, N.I.T – KURUKSHETRA, that was the moment i got a proof that i’ve achieved something great and remarkable in my Life, a proof for me and to all those who love me, my parents, my friends, relatives and well wishers of mine. Yes, this my achievement had changed away a lot in what happened later on in my Life. The way parents and friends treat me when i go to my Andhra Pradesh. They gave me more respect and much more importance to me and my word. This day, i’ve said to myself, “Yes, this is gonna be my home for these 3 years of MCA,” and it now is.

July 20th, 2010. First day into the classes. This is the day i met many of the new people, those who are going to be a part of my life for these 3 years in a row, and some of them for the rest of my life. These are the greatest gifts i’ve got in this NIT, friends, without whom there would be no fun, better said no life for a life. The things which we do in the hostels and the fun we have in the classrooms, all these are the best part of a student life. All my friends love me a lot, mainly my room mate Deepak Kumar, and lemme make a clear point, i can’t be bias in this aspect, because everyone from my whole batch showed me a very very friendly nature, and especially Ranjan, he always saye me “Hey Krish, i’m your fan,” and i love that, because i’ve never had any fans in my life, and so Ranjan is my first and first is always the best.

As everyone knew, i’m from South India, Andhra Pradesh and i can’t speak Hindi, but i feel pleased and honoured to say that none of my batchmates, and better say no one in this NIT, not even the security gaurds of library and the people those work in Book-Bank, and even the shopkeepers of Garg enterprise in NIT market and Ravinder bhai and Gopal bhai of NIT khokha, all these people, never gave me any sort of uncomfortable experience because i’m not from North India. They even tried to engage with me in English, i loved this the most. I was treated as a guest from South India, by all these people, mainly my friends, they share everything with me in two languages, they firstly say something funny among themselves and i don’t get to understand it, so they, without any mark of irritation, translate it into English and make it comfortable for me. They never alienated me from anything. And now they are even teaching me good Hindi, and mostly male-oriented Hindi, which means i better don’t use it infront of girls, yes i was told not to.

And like this, among all these sort of very good sweet memories in NIT, there came a sweetest day, which i never thought would exist, it is 25th Sept, 2010. Our MCA Fresher’s Day. This day was one of the very best days of my life, this day i’ve done things which i never had any idea of being myself capable of doing. Everything, about that day was a sweet memory, infact sweetest. I thank once again to those people who made that day a very very special day of my life, to seniors and all. And the disco we had on that day is mind blowing. Totally, the day was a rocking one.

And like that went on the first a happy ending.

Now comes the second semester, a semester which almost seems like ‘classes between holidays’ rather than ‘holidays between classes’. Three National range festivals, all comes with a week of holidays each, and we take the rest as mass-bunks. From the day one of the second sem, inductions and halchal among the students of the whole college. Literati 2011, was a very good technical fest, where i got a chance to meet some real talent in the students of the institute. This was very inspiring. And then came the original rocking event ever, another National level cultural festival, “ConFluencE 2011”. This was already being proven, as you peope had already witnessed the smashing events of the fest like Fash P and all. The fun we all had in the brand new ‘Open Air Theatre’ for battle of bands, and especially the Fashion Parade, where our dear classmate Namitha Sehgal had showed the whole insti a rocking performance from MCA along with the other students of our batch, Vipasha, Priya Lalwani, Sanga Mitra, and our senior Shreya ma’am. And a group dance from other girls of our class. Everyone of them had made this ConFluence’11 a very unforgettable experience for all of us.

All these memories of this NIT college life, right from the very first day July 12th 2010, through this day, is asking me a question, “What if i were not a student of NIT – Kurukshetra, MCA 10-13 batch?” I’ve a genuine answer for this, i consider myself as the most-unfortunate guy i’ve ever known. Yes, this is the place where you meet people, make them your friends, and build a long-lasting relation with them. This is a kind of place where you don’t get to be in, very often.

NIT, our college, is the place which gives us time and opportunity, a chance in life which we never had before, to grow up internally, as a person. It teaches us how to mingle with different people which we all will be facing in an year or two, when we enter into the real world out there, after getting a job in placements(let’s hope so, anyhow). There are people, who are my friends, those studying MCA from some local engineering colleges, who unfortunately don’t stand a chance as much as we do. They don’t get the enjoyment that we do here, through these Fests and all, and they don’t even have resources as we here do, the oppurtunities, the time, and the best thing that we have above them all is everything. Yes, literally everything. This is the place which offers us value to our lives. We all are experiencing it, if you don’t feel so, then call to your parents when you are in the middle of a ConFluEnce show or a guest lecture, or from CCN at midnight and tell them what chances you are given here to do, which you don’t get if you weren’t a part of this college, then see what your parents tell to your neighbours and relatives the next day, about how happy you are to have such a wonderful college life, with festivals, fashion parades, and the hostel life, where all your friends are just a doorstep away. Yes, all these are a mark of the achievement we accomplished and much more that is coming our way.
Guys, this is our time.

A special thanks to ConFluEnce.....!

Written by: -kRISHNA kANTH

As a sweet memory of CONFLUENCE 2011:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a short story: Oh! Wow, Is this real...!

Vivek is a good natured funny boy, of age 18, who has some simple wishes just like anyone of that age. He studies in some no-name college, doing his graduation. He is fed up with his college education, due to the very tough syllabus, and also equally ridiculous examination conduction, and their evaluation by the examination board. He thinks he is simply losing all his colour in life, after coming into graduation, as he never wanted to get into this kind of college. He always felt that he should have studied well in his previous year, so that, he could have got into a very good college for graduation, which he always dreamt of. No, he is not a user-non-friendly guy in the classroom, he of course had friends in his class, but when you don’t like the place you are in, you are most likely to think of getting out of it, with a very good option, ain’t it...!

The only thing that kept him going in this boring classroom life of his, is a girl, his classmate, Anjali. He had a different kind of feeling for her, which he never felt for any girl in his life. It is a very strange feeling for him, and also very much welcoming. He always loved it to stare at her in the classroom, whenever he felt that the purpose of the blackboard in the classroom is only to test how the piece of chalk is working, by the lecturer, which is a way of soothing himself by telling that, “classes aren’t so interesting, just like always, and looking at Anjali will help my mind work well, than being attentive towards the lecture”. So he followed his heart and rested his mind in peace of Anjali..

Anjali, like all the girls, who observes the smirking of boys, just like James Bond observes the catostorphical situations, is very much aware of Vivek’s sight falling on to her, many times in a while in the class room. As the time rolled on, Vivek also realised that she has become very much aware of him. So, he tried to get involved himself into a small chat with her, but invain. Anjali is a very different kind of a girl. Anjali also sometimes smirks at him, making Vivek nervous with excitement, but Vivek couldn’t get anything from it, as he didn’t understand what was that smirk really mean, whether that she too likes him, or is she just having a look at her buffoon in the classroom?

Vivek is not a dreamer too. He thinks that if he ends up here, doing his graduation, that is going to be a greatest mistake he’d have ever made in his life. So he decided to write the entrance exam for getting into a really good University campus, which is situated in the head quarter city of his district.
A really good thing, which is happening now, and is of no knowledge to Vivek is, the very same girl which he fancies in the classroom, is also equally fed up, with her this college life, just as much as him. So, she too thought of writing that exam for getting herself a seat at the University campus. So, both Vivek and Anjali, without knowing to one another, are seriously preparing for the exam. And the day had come, on which they had attempted their exam, but in different exam centres in the town, which means, they each other couldn’t know that they were both wanting to study at the same place.. Some days had passed on. And the day had arrived, which these both dreamt of having made it very big, the declaration of exam result. The result had arrived, and then the principal of the college entered into their classroom, holding a sheet of paper containing the names of candidates, who made it into the Univesity campus. “This is the list of candidates who got selected for pursuing their graduation from the University campus, and as the entrance examination of this year was one of the most toughest one in years, only two of our students had managed to make it big this year, they are none other than, your fellow friends and classmates Vivek and Anjali,”, announced the principal and congratulated both of them.

At this very moment, the heart of Vivek, felt a kind of happiness, which he earlier didn’t knew would exist. He is unable to analyse the precise reason for his happiness, whether it is because he made his dream come true by getting admission in the University or that the girl he fancied, for the first time in his life, is also going to be with him, for the next coming years of education. So, they both have to be friends now, and should share their unity, in a very new and good place, which assures her closeness and friendship, as they both will be from a very same earlier classroom.

Anjali, for the first time, felt good about Vivek, as the boy, who always likes to peek onto her in the classroom, is also equally intelligent, and made it into the University, which means she can count on him, to be of assurance for her, in the new place, coming. She came to Vivek in the evening, when the classes were done, and Vivek is very excited to have himself in the presence of Anjali, for the first time in his life, and felt far more happier, thinking that this is going to be continued for some next coming years, at the University.She came near him, ”Congratulations Vivek, i’m very happy that two students from same class room, have got admitted into the University, and the more happier thing is that those two students are you and i. I initially felt discouraged, that i will be in the amidst of strangers at the University, but i now feel relieved, that you are going to be with me, in a whole new place. And my parents will also be so happy that i’m having a friend at the University already”, said Anjali, and stretched her hand towards Vivek, as a gesture of congratulating and thanking him, and Vivek, who never imagined this would happen for him, is flying in the sky of colours, and for the very first time in the life, felt the touch of a girl, and that too, of the girl who he likes very much.

Vivek, was very happy today, as all his friends and family members congratulated him, for getting an admission in the University. He went to bed with satisfaction, and having imaginations for the next day. He fell quick asleep. His eyes were shut and he is into deepest world of dreams, where a colourful, inner personality of our heart lives its life, in its own way. But, Vivek is hearing a strange smooth sound in his world of dreams, which later on grew harder and hurting his ears. It’s the siren of his daily alarm of his mobile phone, and he woke up with a start. To his surprise, Vivek found himself sleeping amidst the assignment sheets, those which he had been working on, since days, preparing for a paper presentation, finding himself in a very real world, and his age was not 18, but 21 and studying not in some no-name graduation college but in N.I.T-Kurukshetra. And then did he realised what had actually happened, “Oh! This is really a dream! Wow, it felt so good, i wish i never woke up.”

This girl Anjali,really exists, just in his own class, she is his classmate, a very beautiful and charming girl of his class whom he had crush on, since the first day into NIT, but he couldn't get to have some real closeness with her.. So, his feelings for her, effected him like this...

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