Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photograph - an intriguing museum

A picture, they say, can tell a thousand words at once. Yes, but a picture not only tells out words but also contain a deep thought within itself. It holds an idea of imagination with it, an idea that opens the unseen doors in our mind and lets it out into an all new world if it may. In fact, it doesn’t hold just one idea but many, varying with each person. A picture arrests a moment, forever engaging inside it a moment in the history of time. 

Pictures are magical; they need not necessarily follow the rules of physics, and so they don’t. They can cast you into a new unseen place at once, just by giving you a mere glance of it. Pictures put your presence back into the past and further onto the future, at once, thus making time travel not impossible.

There will be pictures that make us think of places that might possibly never exist. Lucky we are if we’ve witnessed such photographs. It is a virtue to visit places that many have visited before, but it’s a wishful wonder to visit those places that only we knew would exist, because we created them. These kinds of pictures in turn nurture the notch of imagination in us. I have seen such pictures and God bless their souls that clicked those pictures.
A picture can portray the beauty and the bliss of the world and nature that dwells around us. It sometimes soothes us by showing the greenest of the world we live in, and it, at times shows us the heavenly stars and the eternal space, comforting us to wonder about how miraculous this world is. It sometimes shows us an eerie environment that lets our heads think of ways to explore it, thus bringing out the adventurous part that once existed in us when we were very imaginative and excited little kids. 

A photograph can not only be a moment saved, but a lot more. It can be a memory that reminds us saying such beautiful moments existed in our lives. It can stand as a strength showing that we’ve known people that shared a part of the time of our lives. It can help us re-live the colorful happiness our eyes had once seen and loved. It can stand as a milestone in the history of time, passing the baton onto the future generations and telling them the tale of their past.

Photography is a man made miracle. It is a blessing to possess a ferment love for creating such artistic pieces that will stay in people’s lives forever. I wholeheartedly give my most obedient thanks to the people who gave and are giving such wondrous moments to this world in the form of a photograph. Your love for photography is shaping the world, in a way you don’t have an idea about. It’s true.

If you’re passing by a moment you don’t want to lose, picture it.

Written by: Krishna Kanth