Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Boys try to flirt with Facebook generation Girls...!

Time changes everything… Yes, this is very much true for Facebook. It has changed away forever the ways in which two persons interact with eachother, and of them, the most considerable one being how a boy gets to know and interact with a girl and start flirting with her.
Here, I’m gonna discuss 4 scenarios which boys usually try in to do with Facebook about Girls and stuff...!!!
There are two kinds of Boys in the internet world, the first kind is of those who use social networking just to maintain contacts with their friends, there is not much to say about them as they doesn’t differentiate it from real world relations, and the second kind is of those who take-in the real meaning of SOCIAL NETWORKING, and use it to the fullest. They are the guys who aims to have all sorts of possible virtual fun with many people online, and that is what has taken FB to an all new level in the internet world.

Facebook has thankfully given many new ways to flirt with people, and for boys this is one most awaited gift. When a boy finds on FB, a girl whom he fancies the most in his class, he is most likely to send her a Friend Request. But it doesn’t just end there, it actually starts from that point of time. He, then on, starts moving in and out of an imaginary park kind of place where he and that fancied girl sit and talk together all the time, that park is nothing but the chat-bot of Facebook. Yes, boys does this kind of imagination when they send requests to some special girls. Time doesn’t count for the boy when she keeps talking, he puts up a lovely tent on the cloud nine and won’t even want to go for dinner pausing the chat with her. Huh, life is not happy all the time, is it? This is all just his imagination and desire of how to be with her when she accepts his friend request, but as often, the way how fate rests for many boys, that SPECIAL girl won’t accept his friend requet, and knowing this, and with a downheart the boy doesn’t again go for dinner.

See how facebook is not letting boys have a good apetite, sad..!!!

This is one scenario, and other one follows here. Boys usually add many of their classmates into their friend’s list. Huh, the actual thing that many boys do is, they go to the friend’s list of each of their classmates, and finds out if there is any good looking girl in their list, and as many girls post their beautifully looking pics as their profile images, they eventually fall into the eyes of those who look for such kind, (this is nature’s law, don’t blame boys for this.) So, they now send friend requests to those girls whom they don’t even know, here please realise how good boys are, they are proclaiming the real meaning of humanity by wanting to be friends with many unknown people (provided that is a girl, and an eye-candy). And, the problem now is for the person from whose list the girl is found, because that person appears in mutual friends list.

Now, let’s see another, this time a very special sect of boys that really exist on FB….!

Some boys who are very smart at the top of their heads or just too smart, create themselves some new ways to flirt. They create some fake FB accounts by portraying themselves as Females with biologically hormonal influencing profile pictures. These kind, send requests to many of their classmates(male) themselves and chat with them in an arousing way and thus finds out what their friends’ ethic principle levels are upto. Damn smart, aren’t they..!! Hence, guys, if some unknown beautiful girl sends you a friend request, don’t be too happy, that stranger might just be your batch mate, or worse, your room mate himself. So, beware of those ‘Karuna Sarkars’…!

And here is another section of boys, who seem to be modern epitomes of like-ness, these people try to be as much friendly as possible with girls on FB, complete strangers to one another, whom they don’t even know. When some girl posts some pics in which she would look just like okay, these kind of boys ‘Like’ it and comment it as if they had known this girl for ages, and tries to flirt with her by saying ‘you are the main attraction of the pic’, ‘haven’t seen any girl like you’, ‘you are sparkling’,’you are enchanting’, ‘promise me that we will meet for my birthday’,’you should visit my home for an occasion’ and so on... c’mon man she is just a new beautiful stranger girl, you can’t be commenting her that close already....!!!

There you go, 4 kinds of flirt-kings...!
One small tip for Girls: If you find your posts(even if they suck sometimes) being regularly ‘LIKE’d by a particular guy, may be he wants something more than just a facebook chat from you, so you better go, sit and talk to that guy personally, he might be wanting to tell you something special..!!!

P.S: Hey guys and girls, what I’ve written in this blog is just an attempt to make some fun out of our daily routines on Facebook, but ofcourse some of them are pretty damn true, but if any of the above written content appears to be hurting your feelings, I am sorry for that. This is just a fun attempt…! Take it sportively..!

Boys, Girls, friendships, knowing one another into depth, and sharing all their memorable moments... this has been the idea that was born in the mind of a student of Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg, and that has been the beginning of Facebook. Since its arrival into everyones’ life, it has marked a beginning of many revolutionary changes in the lives of people. And WE are all a part of it…!! Thanks to all my Facebook friends who always give me a Wonderful time..!!!

Written by:

Krishna Kanth...!
(an NITian)